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NEW Resource: 2023 Online Booking Study

Download our latest resource, the 2023 Online Booking Study!


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NEW Resource: 2023 Online Booking Study

2023 has been a fantastic year for the Family Entertainment Center (FEC) industry

Remember the tough times in 2020? We've come a long way since then. By 2021, we were on the road to recovery, setting the stage for phenomenal growth and new opportunities in 2022. Despite challenges like inflation, FEC owners like you have been incredibly smart in tweaking strategies, adjusting pricing, and boosting value to stay ahead of the game.

The drive to innovate in 2020 pushed many to diversify their revenue streams, especially through expanding their online presence, creating engaging online shopping experiences, and more. These moves didn't just help the industry survive—they set us up for ongoing success. Now, in 2024, we're reaping the benefits of those emerging revenue streams.

Our latest annual booking study is packed with insights into the strategies and tools that have helped FEC owners flourish. We're talking about trends in revenue, the best times for bookings, and a whole lot more useful info. Our goal? To give you the know-how to take your business even further.

In our 2023 Online Booking Study, you'll discover:

  • Data on average party booking revenue, online store, popular booking days & times, devices used to book, and more.
  • Tips and suggestions on how to maximize revenue. 

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