Customizable Screens for Different Terminals

Whether it's at the front desk, concession stand, or gift shop, you can run transactions quickly and easily. 

With tablet POS compatibility, you won't have to replace expensive hardware as technology advances.



Integrated with Your Customer Database

The POS is fully integrated into your Customer Database, which associates transactions, party bookings, and waivers for specific customers.

This gives you a 360º view of your customers to personalize your communications.

POS integrated with customer database


How Our POS System Stacks Up


No Added Cost

Other bulky POS systems charge thousands of dollars for proprietary hardware, then charge extra for each terminal license. We have a better way: Unlimited terminals, users, and transactions—no added charges.

User-Friendly Interface

We believe in keeping things simple and easy-to-use. This means that there's less training time and errors involved. Advanced reporting makes it easy to get sales and transactions coming into your business.

Customer Support

What you don't want is a POS problem when your business is in full swing. It helps to have a support team on hand who is eager to help you troubleshoot any issues in real time. 



What Our Customers are Saying



"I would strongly recommend it to other operators. I've looked at other softwares over the years that are really expensive. I find with this, you get the best value for the money and it's super user-friendly, and the customer service support is huge. It's very quick, very easy, and someone's always available."

- Jason Walkinshaw, Lil Monkeys


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