Get signed waivers quickly and easily

With your own online waiver system, your guests can fill out a waiver before entering your facility or at kiosks in your facility. This makes the party and group check-in process even faster!


Digital Waivers on a tablet



Manage Signed Waivers Like a Boss

All waivers are stored in your customer database where you can search and find signed waivers in seconds.
No more filing away paper waivers in a file cabinet.





What Our Online Waivers Can Do For You


Save Time

Easily verify newly signed waivers and reduce check-in time for groups and parties. This means more time spent on growing your business and creating lasting memories.

Save Money

Drastically reduce ink and paper costs if you're collecting it by paper. Compared to other online waiver software, you get more waivers/month for less.


Get Peace of Mind

Validate waivers and set custom expiration dates so that you increase protection from liability. This gives you one less thing to worry about.



What Our Customers are Saying




"For other people looking into getting into the same thing that we're doing, Party Center Software's a perfect fit. We've looked at other competitors just to see what's out there, but nothing seems to fit and do just exactly what we want as best as Party Center Software does."

- Anthony McKay, The Jump Yard


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