Collect payments hassle-free using Party Center Pay (PC Pay), our very own payment processor that fully integrates with Party Center Software.

Seamless payment transactions
to fuel your business growth.

Single Point of Contact

With Party Center Pay, you have just ONE company to call for Software and Payments Support

In-Store Payments

Process payments from anywhere with WIFI-enabled hardware.

Full Integration

Party Center Pay (PC Pay)
fully integrates with Party
Center Software!

Merchant Portal

Party Center Pay offers an elegant and easy-to-use Merchant Portal to meet your needs.


From party packages to sales by products, you have access to insights you need to succeed using our fast and accurate Merchant Portal Reporting.

Need to Switch?

Are you an existing PCS customer who needs to make the transition to PC Pay? Contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager so they can help you
get started!

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POS demo

Increased business because of the simplicity of the software, means good revenue and happy bosses.

- Kevin Thomas, Revolution Laser Tag

Need hardware? We got you covered.

We know how busy you are, so we save you the time and hassle of shopping around for EMV devices.


 Photo of Ingenico iSMP4 Payment Processing Hardware device            Image of a Verifone MX925 Payment Processing Hardware Device

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