Grow Revenue with Party Center Pay Gift Cards

The PC Pay Gift Card Program helps Family Entertainment Centers and Event Venues encourage repeat business and grow sales.

Offer physical and digital gift cards for your guests!

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Here’s how PC Pay Gift Cards will help you grow revenue


Increase Revenue

Grow revenue for your business with gift cards. With the option to sell in-store and online, you now have an additional product to increase sales immediately.

Build Brand Awareness

Gift cards are cost-effective advertising. They cost less than other forms of advertisement and are a simple way to grow brand recognition.

Improve Cash Flow

Gift cards allow you to generate revenue in advance of providing products or services, resulting in immediate ROI.

Go Digital

Go digital and provide customers with a virtual gift card (barcode & number) to be used in your facility or in your PCS Online Store.

Ready to Grow?

Essential Gift

Get your gift card program started with the essential gift package.

  • Easily load cards on location.
  • Seamlessly migrate from your current gift card program and transfer existing gift cards.
  • Enable reconciliation for multi-location merchants.
  • Set up fulfillment services if needed.
  • Gift cards your way: create a portfolio of card styles by choosing from a variety of standard gift cards and holders or opting to customize them with specific designs and branding.

Our Customers Love Party Center Pay Gift Cards!

“We are opening our first FEC and after my first phone call with PCS, I knew this was the company for us! We are excited to franchise soon and are so thankful we have PCS to help us navigate all the operations for future locations!"

“We have been working with Party Center Software for 6-7 years and couldn't be happier with the platform and customer service! The POS is so easy for our teenage employees to use. Their staff and customer service is wonderful. I highly recommend them for any indoor party and play center!”

“We use them for all of our businesses. The customer service and software platform are amazing. I definitely recommend them!”

Grow Your Business with Party Center Pay Gift Cards