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PCS Point of Sale: TikTok's by PCS

In our latest TikTok, we review ways the PCS Point of Sale can improve and grow your business.

Do you know what the PCS Point of Sale has to offer?

Check out our latest TikTok to learn more!

PCS Point of Sale: TikTok's by PCS

Our TikTok series is all about sharing fun and quick informational videos about the family entertainment industry.

@partycentersoftware Everything you need one place! 🔹Collect Payments 🔹Payment Flexibility 🔹Finalize Party Payment 🔹Access Customer Profiles #PartyCenterSoftware #PointofSale ♬ original sound - Party Center Software


What we share in this TikTok:

How can the PCS Point of Sale improve and grow your business?

  • Collect Payments: Collect payment In-House or Online with the PCS Point of Sale. With this easy-to-edit module, you'll be growing revenue in no time!
  • Access Customer Profiles: Gain insights on previous purchases, contact information, notes from staff, and a history of transactions for customers.
  • Payment Flexibility: Collect any type of payment seamlessly with the PCS Point of Sale and PC Pay. We offer EMV hardware to protect your business, too.
  • Finalize Party Payment: The PCS system makes it easy for you to perfect your party system. Accept deposits online and collect balances when your guests arrive.

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