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HAMMER AWAY: 3 Tools for Constructing
a Business Pivot Plan

Though very unfortunate, there will be times—no matter how unlikely it might seem—where your family entertainment center isn’t able to operate as normal.

Whether it’s a technical emergency due to a power outage that lasts for a few hours, or government-mandated restrictions on capacity limits that last a few seasons, disruptions happen. Your facility should be prepared to handle short-term emergencies, as well as have a long-term business pivot plan in place if it becomes necessary.

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While our Emergency Preparedness Guide explores potential (and usually shorter-term) emergency situations such as power outages or attractions that suddenly stop working, this guide shares three tools to assist you in constructing a business pivot plan.

By creating a business pivot plan, you’ll prepare your business should a larger emergency occur that prevents your family entertainment center from operating as normal (or at all) for
an extended period of time.

The recommendations given may not be applicable to every FEC, however we hope this resource inspires you to think about how your facility can shift your normal operational flow into something that allows you to continue to grow your business and bring in revenue, despite not being able to run “business as usual.”

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