Emergency Planning:

Q&A with FEC Management Experts on How to Handle Tech, Facility, & Customer Issues

Discover emergency planning best practices.

Are you and your staff equipped to deal with any emergency that might come your way? Do you have a plan or conduct ongoing training to make sure your team is ready for anything and everything?

Even if you don't expect difficult situations to arise, accidents and emergencies do happen. Having a plan for how to handle them will alleviate a lot of stress and give you (and your team) peace of mind.

In this webinar, we discuss emergency planning best practices with Eileen Hawkins and Danielle Hardin, PCS Customer Success Managers and former FEC managers/operators! 

You will discover: 

  • Common emergency scenarios and how to plan for them
  • Out-of-the-box staff training tips that work!
  • New opportunities to improve training and preparedness
  • And so much more!

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Eileen Hawkins, Lead Customer Success Manager

Danielle Headshot

Danielle Hardin, Customer Success Manager

Hosted by

Laura Canellas, PCS Marketing Manager

Laura Cañellas, Marketing Manager


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