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Emergency Preparedness Guide

If there’s one thing you can never do too much of: it’s planning.

Being prepared iEmergency_Preparedness_Guide_CoverPages always a good thing, especially for emergency situations. Even if you don't expect difficult situations to arise often, having a plan for how to handle them will alleviate a lot of stress and fear, and ultimately help you keep your business strong and secure.

In this guide we explore potential emergency situations that you should be aware of, plus provide ideas and tips to plan ahead. 

You'll discover:

  • What to do when your technology systems, software, or services are interrupted by emergency situations like power outages or other failures
  • The types of health and safety areas you should have on your radar and ideas for how to be prepared in advance

We invite you to download this resource and encourage you to use it to build your own FEC Emergency Plan. 

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