Event Preparation:
3 Ways to Increase Business at Your Facility Through the Holidays

Learn how to increase business
through the holiday season

The holiday season is quickly approaching—are you prepared to make the most out of it?

Event Coordinators have worked hard prospecting, connecting, and selling throughout the year to have centers full of team-building and employee appreciation activities, kids events, and especially holiday parties during the end of the year celebration season.

They'll be working to ensure your guests receive the best service—not only from them, but from your operations team as well. Event centers are focused on creating unforgettable customer experiences that will help them seal the deal for repeat business.

In this webinar, TrainerTainment Sales and Training Specialist, Kim Wheeler, shares 3 keys to a profitable (and fun!) holiday season at your event center, and how using that momentum will help you increase business even more in the new year.

 You'll learn:

  • 3 ways to increase business at your facility
  • Opportunities for making new connections
  • How to increase new bookings and turn them into repeat business
  • The best ways to ask for referrals
  • How reflecting on this year's accomplishments (and struggles) will help you set SMART goals for the new year
  • Why having priorities and processes in place—and constantly improving them—is essential for growing your business

If you're looking to set your team up for event success, this webinar is a must-watch.

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Presented By

Kim Wheeler
Sales & Training Specialist


Rebecca TwomeyRebecca Twomey
Director of Sales & Customer Success



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