Is Facebook Really Dead? Social Media Marketing in 2021

Let's explore how we can maximize social media to grow business.

Despite ongoing controversies and growing competition, Facebook continues to hold onto its crown as King of Social Media.
For FECs and event venues, Facebook's features and products allow staff to manage activities, expand their reach, and nurture prospective customers. 
In this webinar, we highlight how Facebook can help you grow your business. We also cover the different opportunities that exist on other platforms and the core elements of a successful social media marketing campaign.
You'll discover:
  • Current user statistics on Facebook, growing platforms like Tik Tok, and more
  • What to post and how to engage
  • How to automate social media activities

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Presented by

Rebecca Twomey, PCS Director of Sales, Marketing, & Customer SuccessRebecca Twomey
Director of Sales, Customer Success, & Marketing

Laura Canellas, PCS Marketing ManagerLaura Cañellas
Marketing Manager


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