Insights to Grow Business:
CEO Tips to Increase Your FEC Revenue, Improve Processes, & Nurture Staff 

CEOs & Owners Unite: Let's grow business! Join two CEOs for their super-secret insights on revenue, process, and staffing

When it comes to running a Family Entertainment Center, it's not cut-and-dry. There's a fine balance between hiring great people (then managing and training them effectively), bringing in revenue, maintaining an amazing customer experience, abiding by safety standards, constantly improving on processes, taking full advantage of technology, and so much more.
Is your business running effectively? Do you feel like something is missing?
In this on-demand webinar, we bring two CEOs together to talk shop and share tips on how you can grow business in your FEC. Our very own CEO here at Party Center Software, Scott Drummond, shares some of the lessons he's learned as both the owner of an FEC and the founder of a software firm. Beth Standlee, Founder and CEO of TrainerTainment, an FEC Coaching & Training firm, partners with Scott to share her secret sauce as well.
Specifically, you'll discover tips to:
  • Grow revenue
  • Improve processes
  • Develop your staff

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Presented By

scott-drummondScott Drummond
Founder & CEO | Party Center Software
beth-standlee-circleBeth Standlee
Founder & CEO | TrainerTainment


Hosted By

Rebecca TwomeyRebecca Twomey
Director of Sales & Customer Success | Party Center Software

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