The Impact of Atmosphere on Guest Experience

Learn how to create incredible guest experiences

Today’s FEC customer is in search of more than just food and games, they’re seeking out total experiences.

Luckily, the technology available today allows business owners to focus on, modernize, and customize the atmosphere of their space to fit the needs and wants of their guests: allowing them to craft more valuable experiences in their centers. But we don’t want to just meet guests’ expectations—we want to exceed them!

In this webinar, business development executive Adam Melrose shares strategies for modernizing the sights and sounds in your FEC. From the impact of music videos to effective use of infotainment, enhancing your guest experience through atmosphere is not only great for customers, it’s great for business!

In this free webinar, you'll discover:

  • What guest experience means in a modern setting
  • The importance of exceeding guest expectations
  • How atmosphere can create brand-loyal guests who keep coming back for more
  • Ideas on how to modernize your audio and video elements
  • Effective digital infotainment strategies

Start wowing guests as soon as they walk in the door: get started today!

Presented By

Adam Melrose 
Adam Melrose
Chief Playlist Officer, FEC Music/Control Play

Rebecca TwomeyRebecca Twomey
Director of Sales & Customer Success, Party Center Software



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