How Food & Beverage Impact Guest Satisfaction at Your FEC

Discover the current and near-term future of food & beverage menus, operations, & customer service in the Family Entertainment Business.

The re-opening of the United States isn't (and won't be) a "one size fits all" approach, and it's even chaotic in some places.

Facing several new regulations and rules, everyone in the food and beverage industry must examine their operational processes thoroughly. Everyone's business will look different in a year. The goal is for it to be a success!

So how do we get there?

Our special guest for this webinar is Jim Howell, Co-Owner of Perky’s Pizza, a wholesale food distributor focused on pizza-centric kitchen solutions for small businesses all over the world. With customers in every type of FEC venue, he's an expert in the Food and Beverage industry and is excited to share his insights with you to help your business succeed in this department moving forward.

We'll explore:

  • The current state of the Food & Beverage Industry both inside and outside Family Entertainment Centers
  • Making proper (and popular!) menu adjustments
  • How to tackle streamlining operations and labor considerations
  • How a Food & Beverage operation improves the customer experience and increases guest satisfaction at your FEC

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Guest Presenter

Jim-HowellJim Howell
Co-Owner, Perky's Pizza

Hosted By

Rebecca TwomeyRebecca Twomey
Director of Sales & Customer Success, Party Center Software



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