Gift Card Program

Increase Revenue

Grow revenue for your business with gift cards. With the option to sell in-store and online, you now have an additional product to increase sales immediately.

Build Brand Awareness

Gift cards are cost-effective advertising. They cost less than other forms of advertisement and are a simple way to grow brand recognition.

Improve Cash Flow

Gift cards allow you to generate revenue in advance of providing products or services, resulting in immediate ROI.

Provide a Digital Experience

Go digital and provide customers with a digital gift card (barcode & number) to be used in your facility or in your PCS Online Store.*

Gift Card Packages & Pricing

Essential Gift


**Flat fee per month.

**Physical gift card costs/packages additional.

**Sell physical gift cards and grow brand awareness.


  • Easily load cards on location.
  • Seamlessly migrate from your current gift card program and transfer existing gift cards.
  • Enable reconciliation for multi-location merchants.
  • Set up fulfillment services if needed.
  • Gift cards your way: create a portfolio of card styles by choosing from a variety of standard gift cards and holders or opting to customize them with specific designs and branding.

Jump Start Kit



  • 100 Custom Cards
  • 100 Standard Carriers
  • Display

*Available for New Merchants Only (not available for re-orders or additional locations).

Launch Box Kit



  • 500 Custom Cards
  • 500 Standard Carriers
  • Display

*Available for New Merchants Only (not available for re-orders or additional locations).

Physical Gift Card Pricing

Custom Cards Price per Order Standard Cards Price per Order
250 $388 250 $175
500 $575 500 $300
1,000 $900 1,000 $510
2,000 $1,875 2,000 $1,275
5,000 $2,900 5,000 $2,000
10,000 $4,100 10,000 $3,500
15,000 $5,250    
20,000 $5,800    
25,000 $6,250    

Design & Shipping Fees:

  • One-time Setup Fee: $99/MID
  • Color Setup (per Card Design/Order): $100
  • Gift Card Design Setup Fee: $75
  • Additional TIDs/Downloads: $10
  • Lightning Print (Custom Cards in 3-5 Days): $200
  • RUSH Lightning Print (Custom Cards in 1-2 Days): $350
  • Gift Card Pooling: +$5/month on all plans

Fill out the form below to get started with PC Pay Gift Cards.

*You must have or create a PC Pay Account in order to register for PC Pay Gift Cards.

*Do not cancel your current gift card vendor contract or account until after you are onboarded with PC Pay Gift Cards.

**If opting for the Essential Gift + Virtual option you must have an active subscription for a PCS Online Store to sell your gift cards virtually. If you are not currently utilizing a PCS Online Store, please contact your CSM to add this subscription.