Creating a Better Experience for Your Target Demographic

Develop an attraction mix that leverages your customer's buying patterns.

 If your Family Entertainment Center or Event Venue tries to be all things to all people, you'll be special to no one.
In this webinar, you'll learn from Danny Gruening, VP of Marketing, and Russ Van Natta, VP of Sales at Creative Works, about how you can cater specifically to the interests of your local demographic.
As experts in immersive experiences, Danny and Russ will share lessons learned from the most successful businesses in the industry and focus on a primary (and secondary) demographic. You'll learn how to identify the interests, behaviors, and buying patterns of your ideal customer. Then, you'll be able to use this data to make informed decisions about your attraction mix and packages.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Create a better experience for your target demographic
  • Get customers off the couch and into your FEC!
  • Generate more revenue

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Presented by

Danny Gruening - Creative Works Russ Van Natta - Creative Works
Danny Gruening
VP of Marketing, Creative Works
Russ Van Natta
VP of Sales, Creative Works


Hosted By

Rebecca Twomey, Director of Sales & Customer SuccessRebecca Twomey
Director of Sales, Marketing, & Customer Success


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