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4 Tips on How to Host Successful Team-Building Events at Your FEC

In this article, we share 4 keys to hosting successful team-building events at your Family Entertainment Center.

Do you host team-building events at your FEC? 

From local sports teams to local businesses, there are plenty of organizations that can benefit from participating in fun team-building events hosted by your facility. 

Better yet, offering team-building activities is another great way for your facility to boost revenue!

4 Tips on How to Host Successful Team-Building Events at Your FEC

Below are 4 tips on how to plan successful team-building events at your FEC. 

1. Recognize the Benefits

Team-building activities can help your guests:

  • Get outside of their comfort zone
  • Get to know each other
  • Build camaraderie
  • Resolve potential conflict
  • Create a more cohesive work environment

The positive outcomes outlined above can help both sports and corporate teams improve their performance individually and as a unit. 

By adding team-building events as an offering on your website and including their benefits in your promotional material, you'll increase your booking potential!

2. Get Organized

It's important to make a lasting and positive impression on your guests, and it's even more important to make that impression early.

As soon as you receive an inquiry, start gathering as much information as you can about your guests by asking each of them to fill out a short questionnaire. You can ask questions such as:

  • Why did you book a party with us?
  • Do you need any special accommodations? 
  • What does your team hope to get out of the event?
  • What activities do you think will help you reach your goal?

Their answers will help you to create the most effective team-building event catered to their needs & goals. 

You need to make sure your staff is properly trained for these types of events, too. Create an agenda and make sure your employees are well-versed on how to run the event, especially if you've never hosted a team-building event at your facility before.

3. Select Effective Team-Building Activities

To ensure team-building events are fun and productive, get creative. Your guests are taking a break from their normal routine, whether it's from practice after school or meetings at the office. They're expecting a unique and enjoyable experience and your job is to deliver one. Think outside of the box and create experiences for your guests that they'll want to come back and re-live.

First, determine your customer's goal. Does the soccer team need to improve communication on the field? Does the accounting department at the company down the road need to create better standard processes? Team-building events should be fun of course, but the activities your guests participate in should be ones that help hone the skills they lack if their goal is to grow & succeed. 

Eileen, one of our Customer Success Managers at Party Center Software who also ran an FEC in her previous career, remembers one team-building activity that made a lasting impression on her. "It had about 80 people involved. We began in a very large room, and the group created posters and designated who would be on what team. The company purchased t-shirts with each of the team names, and each team participated in decorating their own table."

The day had a written agenda with multiple challenges. Team members had to work together to assign who was going to participate in each activity. To kick off the event, team members decorated themselves in face paint and introduced themselves via limbo-ing through a tunnel made up of the FEC event staff.

Additional activities throughout the day included obstacle courses, arcade games, and scavenger hunts, all requiring some sort of teamwork to complete the challenge.

One thing Eileen noticed was the inclusion of their company logo in many of the activities. The event coordinators took extra time to create a personalized experience for the group, and this contributed to their top-notch experience.

As an FEC, be sure to include the school/team or company in your team-building activities to provide that unique experience and extra dose of fun. You may also want to think about adding items for purchase (such as event t-shirts) to your online storefront as a way to increase event revenue.

Skills such as organization and communication were improved, and fun was had by all. "I would definitely do it again!" Eileen said.

4. Promote Your Events

Get the word out!

Make it known that your FEC is open for team-building events. Promote the opportunity on your website, social media accounts, and at various local establishments. Include the option in your voicemail recording, add it to table tents in your facility—even put a sign in the bathroom!

You'll also want to email your mailing list about the offerings and consider offering up a discount!

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