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New Resource: Event Planning 101

Learn more about and download our latest resource, Event Planning 101: Checklists for Before, During, and After the Party.

If you're looking for checklists that can help you plan, prepare, and host successful parties, check out our newest resource, the Event Planning 101: Checklists for Before, During, and After the Party.

New Resource: Event Planning 101

As a family entertainment center or event venue owner or operator, one thing’s for sure: you’re always ready to party.

Hosting parties and events is an integral part of your operation. Parties generate the most revenue for your business and are an effective way to market your offerings and attractions.

As a leader, you have to equip your staff with everything they need to focus on delivering an incredible party and guest experience.

That’s why it’s so important to automate some of the process to relieve your staff of the stress that comes with event planning.

In this resource, we outline the major party planning areas to consider as you prepare to host your next party.

From before, during, to after the party, each chapter includes a checklist you can use or add into your online booking software to help your staff keep track of every task.

If you'd like to learn more, be sure to download Event Planning 101 today! 

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