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Selling “Experience Gifts” at Your FEC All Year Long

Courtney Drahos
Dec 31, 2019 6:00 AM

Times are changing and so is the way that we gift! For the kid (or adult) who has everything, giving an experience gift often means much more. Plus, experience gifts help to create memories rather than collect dust or sit in the corner of the playroom.

Parents everywhere are saying enough to stuff and are encouraging loved ones to step in the mindset of gifting with memories, not things.

As the owner or manager of a Family Entertainment Center, you are front and center in this domain. Your entire concept is about creating incredible experiences! Today, we’re going to explore some ideas to help you sell experience gifts at your facility.

Selling “Experience Gifts” at Your FEC All Year Long

The holiday season doesn’t end on January 1st – you can sell experience gifts all year long at your Family Entertainment Center!

Consider Your Packages

Having a strong birthday party game is important. Hosting birthday parties throughout the year will help drive revenue and customers through your doors.

But what about in between those birthdays? What incentives can you provide to get parents to bring their kids to your facility? And better yet, how can you drive teenagers and adults to visit?

It’s all about offering packages! You can do this in your online store to get the best bang for your buck and avoid shelling out cash to third-party websites.

During the month of May, for example, consider offering “Mom + Me” packages that include an experience for both mom and her child or children. Or, during the month of June, you might consider the same offering for dad!

During the slow summer months, you might consider “Better Together” packages for friends where you’re offering a slight discount if parents purchase a “friends” package that includes multiple children.

Your options are truly limitless! Just be sure to consider the month and what experience gifts might appeal during that given month.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive list of ideas for packaging by monthly theme, I highly suggest downloading a free copy of our Monthly Events Calendar. It includes ideas by month that will help you create experience gifts based on themes for each month.

Click here or on the image below to grab your copy!

Complimentary Guide: Monthly Events Calendar - A Year-Round, Fun-At-A-Glance Resource for Event Opportunities at Your Facility

Promote Your Packages

Once you’ve determined the best experience gifts packages for your FEC and set them up using your online store, it’s time to spread the word!

To create a visual that will pop, we highly recommend using a site like Canva to create your Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads. They have easy-to-use free templates that you can design to highlight your package.

Next, you’ll want to consider your demographics. Who are you trying to attract to your specific package? Note your audience and adjust accordingly. For more on audience demographics, we recommend watching a replay of the webinar with Adam Russell, Director of Sales at Hownd. He shares some great tips on Facebook demographics!

Click here or on the image below to watch the webinar replay.

Complimentary Webinar: Collecting Customer Data - The Shift to Personalization in Marketing

And of course, don’t forget about email! Specific and targeted email is the name of the game. If you’ve collected customer data using online waivers, for example, then you’ll be a step ahead. Birthday information alone will help you to target the right people at the right time.

Want More?

Interested in more tips or ideas about creating awesome birthday party packages and experience packages using your website? Here are a few articles and resources to help you grow your business:

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