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Register for RSA's 2021 Convention & Trade Show

Great news: our friends at the RSA are hosting their 84th Annual Convention and Trade Show in May! Will you join us?

If you own or operate a roller-skating rink, you won't want to miss out on the RSA's upcoming event. 

Register for RSA's 2021 Convention & Trade Show

The Roller Skating Industry Convention and Trade Show is one of the only events in the world designed to connect roller skating business owners and operators with one another at an all-hands-on-deck experience where you collaborate with other business owners at breakfasts, lunches, dinners, receptions, and educational seminars.

The educational lineup at the 2021 Roller Skating Industry Convention and Trade Show was designed to help you create new ideas and confront issues you’re facing in your business.

It'll take place from May 2nd - 6th.

As a reminder, the Trade Show dates are May 3rd & 4th. Please be sure to come by our booth # 308 & say "hi" to our incredible Customer Success Consultant, Megan Hawkins, and Customer Success Manager, Jesse Conley!

If you’re ready to join us, register now.


Waivers allow you to communicate your facility rules and expectations to customers. They can also help speed up the check-in process and function as another way for you to capture data about your guests. 

In our eBook, you'll discover:

  1. The many benefits of using digital waivers.
  2. How to use digital waivers to capture customer data.
  3. Current state laws and statutes on pre-event waivers, releases, and electronic agreements. 

Click on the image below to download this eBook today!

Digital Waivers eBook - CTA - Blog

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