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How to Shoot a Video of Your FEC: Business Tips by PCS

In the following Business Tips series video, we share some of our tips on how to shoot a video of your FEC using your phone! Feat. Urban Air Knoxville

Did you know 93% of businesses reported getting a new customer on social media thanks to video?

In the following "Business Tips by PCS" series video, we share some tips on how to shoot a video of your FEC using your phone (feat. Urban Air Knoxville) can help you grow your business!

How to Shoot a Video of Your FEC: Business Tips by PCS

Check out our video below!

Our Business Tips series is all about sharing practical ideas and actions you can take to grow your business.

Here are a few steps on how to shoot a video of your FEC we share in this video:

1. Decide Where to Shoot

The key here is to choose a place where theres some action.

Videos that do well on social media are those with people having fun, smiling faces, and families enjoying your facility. You want to make your audience see themselves there even if they've never set foot through your doors.

The ultimate goal is to create incredible guest experiences. 

2. Prepare Your Device

Make sure that your camera lens is clean. It might sound silly but this makes a huge difference. 

Also make sure there's enough storage space on your phone ahead of time.

3. Be Aware of Lighting

Lighting can make or break your video. Natural lighting is best.

If you don't have access to natural lighting just make sure the area you're filming is visible on camera and unless you're filming for an Instagram story or reel do not shoot vertically.

Shoot horizontal videos! Computer monitors, televisions, and websites all have landscape oriented displays.

Watch our full video to hear all of our tips on how to shoot a video of your FEC!

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