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3 Virtual Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Aug 6, 2020 12:45 PM

When your family entertainment center isn’t able to operate as normal—more specifically when you’re not able to have private birthday parties inside your facility—it’s time to throw in the towel...right?


Your physical location may be experiencing capacity restrictions, but that doesn’t stop people from wanting to celebrate their birthday—especially kids.

So what can you do?

In today’s technologically-advanced society, it's easier than ever to use it to your advantage! The vast capabilities of the internet and various applications allow you to create virtual birthday party package offerings that still make a child’s special day wonderful, even if how they originally imagined spending it isn’t possible.

Whether you’re looking for workaround ideas to continue booking parties during a particular season of unexpected slowness, or permanent ways to cater to families with circumstances preventing them from enjoying highly public places (such as a chronically ill child), here are three virtual birthday party ideas for kids your family entertainment center can offer.

3 Virtual Birthday Party Ideas
for Kids

1. Virtual Birthday Wishes from Your Mascot and Crew

One virtual birthday party idea your FEC can offer is the ability to have a special, dedicated conversation with the guest of honor via video call with your team of staff and facility mascot!

Use your online party booking module to offer specific time slots where your team is able to get together for this kind of event. Oftentimes, the child’s anticipation of and finally seeing their favorite mascot or character on screen is the highlight of the event. Especially since they’ve showed up specifically to wish them a happy day!

Consider offering items in your online store to add on to the experience as well, such as a “party in a bag.” Your party bookers can select items like birthday hats, noise makers, decorations, a birthday cake or pizza pie, and/or even a little gift from your redemption center. These items can be dropped off or picked up prior to the virtual birthday party celebration to enhance the child’s experience.

Do you have anyone on your staff who has a small amount of video editing experience (or who is willing to try)? If so, you could have the option for party bookers to select a curated video montage as part of this virtual birthday party experience.

Have your guest write down the names of their child’s family and friends, along with their phone numbers and/or email addresses. Using this information, your staff can contact what would have been their “guest list” and request they record themselves saying “Happy Birthday!” to the guest of honor and send it to you. Your tech-savvy employee can compile them into a short video that can be played during your video call together, and sent to your customers afterwards to keep.

This is a fabulous way to significantly increase your party booking revenue, and is such a thoughtful keepsake for families to hold onto, especially if it is a milestone birthday for the child.

2. Live Virtual Birthday Party With
Family and Friends

If a keepsake video montage isn’t in the budget for some customers, help them get everyone together LIVE!

Use your online party booking tool to allow guests to schedule group video calls with their family and friends. You might be wondering “They can do that themselves, they won’t pay for this virtual birthday party idea...

The truth is, people pay for convenience. You’ll be surprised at what busy parents will do/pay for if it saves them the headache of planning and coordinating.

Send virtual invites via email to a guest list they provide you with, which can be designed according to a specific theme if the child wishes! Come up with a few games you can facilitate such as a mini household scavenger hunt for a pirate-themed video birthday call, or a trivia game everyone can participate in using an app like Kahoot that asks questions about Disney movies!

This virtual birthday party idea for kids will make them so excited (especially if they’re playing games that involve a little friendly competition) they’ll be raving about it for weeks. What a story you won’t tire of hearing about! Word-of-mouth is  one of the best kinds of marketing for your family entertainment center.

Parents will attribute such a successful event to your FEC’s hard work and creativity, and future bookings will consistently begin to roll in from those referrals!

3. Virtual Birthday Party via Social Media

Another virtual birthday party option is to host an event for your party bookers on social media!

You may not be able to save parents from having to have their child’s birthday party at their home, but you can entertain them with special activities they’ll be excited to share with their loved ones!

Sell this virtual kid’s birthday party as a package deal that includes different activity options and the creation of an event page via a platform such as Facebook, to which you’ll invite all their family and friends through a guest invite list they provide you with.

Offer different activity options for the child to choose from based on their interests. A “Make Your Own Pizza Party” is one option that is likely to be a favorite!

Package the basic ingredients one would need to make a single serving pizza into as many mini-cooling bags as requested. Facilitate the delivery of these pizza party bags to each of the child’s local guests. If they invited non-local guests, create an ingredient list you can post on the event page that lets them know what they’ll need to participate.

When their chosen party day comes, help the guest of honor host a “LIVE” video in their event group! All their guests can watch the birthday child create their own pizza, while they make their own at the same time! Once everyone’s pizza is done, they can post pictures or videos of their special creations while wishing their friend or loved one a happy birthday!

This option is a wonderful way to utilize the power of social media to allow people to connect with each other from near and far, and have a lasting memory of a special day.

Continue Facilitating Connection

No matter what kind of ideas you come up with, it is important to have ideas prepared that help birthday groups to connect virtually, whether it be because you’re unable to have multiple large groups inside your facility at any given time, or if it's to cater to families that require special accommodations.

Let these three virtual birthday party ideas for kids serve as a starting point for inspiration of what you can do to continue expanding your business despite potential limitations.

For additional ways to expand your business and increase your revenue despite potential limitations, download your copy of our complimentary guide, 4 Outdoor Attractions to Increase Your
FEC Revenue.

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