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2022 Online Booking Study

Download this resource for the latest industry data on average party booking revenue, how the FEC community navigated 2022 & so much more.


Face-To-Face Marketing

Download this resource for insights on how to build a street team, promote your FEC, grow revenue, and so much more!


2021 Trade Show Survey Report

Party Center Software, along with 9 industry partners, joined together to create and launch the 2021 FEC Trade Show Survey. The goal of the survey...


2020 Online Booking Study

As a FEC owner or operator, you're probably wondering how 2020 impacted our industry data and if there’s any chance of a meaningful recovery. The...


2019 Online Booking Study

In our 2019 Online Party Booking Study, we bring you insights using the data we've gathered from our online booking module to help you on the path to...


2018 Online Booking Study

Knowing who your targeted customers are and how they behave can really make a difference in the number of parties you book each month.

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