Release Notes

5-6-2024 @ 4:30 AM PDT - Bug fixes

Party Center Software Release Notes 15.8.2

Release Information

This release include two bug fixes. One adds missing data to the closeout reports. The other fixes an issue with the 2.0 Customers page.


Closeout Report Update

When running either the classic or new closeout report, certain types of credit transactions made within the 2.0 Point of Sale were not displaying the POS station from which they were processed:

The station ID was missing from swiped and EMV credit payments. The transactions would appear on the closeout reports, but they were not associated with the station name.

This has been resolved and they will be correctly associated moving forward:


Customers Page Update

When a user created a new customer profile, the Customers page should have been redirecting them to the newly created profile to make changes, sign a waiver, add dependents and memberships, etc.

This has been corrected. When a user creates a new customer profile, they will be redirected to the profile that they have created.

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