RELEASE 9-28-2021 @ 4:30AM PDT - Hardware Link Update, Improved Currency Support, Bug Fixes

Party Center Software Release Notes 8.0.6

General Release Information

We are releasing an update for Hardware Link to address a few issues that customers have brought to our attention. We are also including an update to the way PCS handles various currencies, as well as multiple bug fixes to improve the overall user experience.

Hardware Link Update

Hardware Link has been updated on our Downloads page.

The installation process is the same as the previous version, whether you already have the previous version installed or not. The installer will update all necessary files, removing the old version of Hardware Link is not required.

Please refer to our Hardware Link article for a walkthrough of the installation process.

The update to Hardware Link is necessary to fix two receipt formatting issues. The first issue that has been addressed was related to the size and readability of the order number on receipts. We have enlarged the font and made the order number text bold for customer and facility convenience. 

Compare the older receipt on the left with the newer receipt on the right in the following image to observe this change:

We have also fixed an issue with the text alignment. Some areas of the older receipts printed through Hardware Link were not left-aligned when they should have been.

The older receipt with alignment issues is on the left, and the newer receipt is on the right in the following image:


Improved Currency Support

We have addressed several issues with currency display in Party Center Software. When booking a party in house with 2.0 enable, the correct currency symbol will display where expected.

We currently support the following currencies and formatting:

  • United States Dollar (USD) - $
  • Australia Dollar (AUD) - $
  • Canada Dollar (CAD) - $
  • Euro (EUR) - €
  • Great Britain Pound (GBP) - £
  • Jamaica Dollar (JMD) - $
  • Mexico Peso (MXN) - $
  • Romania Leu (RON) - lei

Party Center Software offers customer address formatting for these countries as well.

In this example, we have the currency set to the Great Britain Pound (GBP):

Our updated version of Hardware Link also includes support for many currency symbols:

We have also resolved an issue with the display of currencies during the online booking process. Specifically, step 4 was not displaying currency symbols correctly. That has now been resolved:



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