RELEASE 3-10-2020 @ 4:30AM PST - Bug Fixes, UI/UX Improvements

Party Center Software Release Notes 4.8

General Release Information

This release provides fixes for many small bugs that have been reported to us by our customers. We have also included a few small enhancements and UI/UX improvements, resulting in an overall smoother experience for PCS users.

Major Fixes:

Click here to view the list of minor fixes included in this release.



DEV-859 - Event date is in the past

This issue could only be created by using multiple web browser tabs to access Party Center Software from the same computer. The issue would occur when a user began booking a party in one tab and then cancelled it in the other using the following link:

If the user then tried to finalize the party booking in the original tab, the result would be a party with an event date in the past.

This is no longer a possible. Attempting to complete a party booking in one tab after it has been cancelled in the other will result in the following error message:



DEV-36 - PCS Register fails to print receipts or pop the cash drawer for credit transactions processed on event orders

Processing a payment on a party or online store order through certain payment processors in PCS Register would fail to print a receipt or pop the cash drawer. In anticipation of fixing this issue, we added a second Party Orders column under Admin > PCS Registers > (click on the name of a Register):

This allowed PCS users to enter the number of receipts they wished to print for each payment type if processed through a POS order or a party order specifically. However, a bug was preventing certain payment processors from printing receipts for party orders.

Now that this bug has been resolved, party orders will print the number of receipts specified.



DEV-2360 - Block users from entering numeric values at Name on Card input field

Party Center Pay MOTO and Ecommerce payments require input to be provided in a field labelled Name on Card. This field was previously allowing numeric data to be entered:

This has been corrected. The Name on Card field no longer accepts numbers due to the fact that it is intended to capture the customer's name.



DEV-2504 - Legacy Vendor Report appears when user has no access

The Vendor Report was displaying under the Reports tab for users who did not have the permission checked as part of their user group:

This has been fixed. The Vendor Report will now only display if the user has permission to access the report.



DEV-2540 - Script Error: 'file' is undefined happens when using PCS Register/POS Terminal to upload a new facility logo

PCS users may upload a logo for their facility through Admin > Facility Info. Attempting to do so in PCS Register was causing a script error to occur:

This has been fixed and is no longer an issue. PCS users will not encounter any errors when uploading a facility logo through PCS Register.



DEV-2542 - Export to CSV does not work from the Invoice Balance Report when using PCS Register

The ability to export the Invoice Balance Report to a CSV file through PCS Register was broken. When a PCS user attempted to do so, nothing would happen:

This has been resolved. Exporting the Invoice Balance Report through PCS Register once again works as expected.



DEV-2547 - Issuing/Reloading a gift card through WorldPay nonhosted does not update the order to show that the gift card was loaded

WorldPay prepaid cards can be loaded from the party or online store order through which they are sold. They will display the following Load Now link on Order Info page after the balance has been cleared, but before the card has been loaded:
After the balance has been loaded onto a prepaid account, the Load Now option should no longer be available:

A bug was causing the Load Now option to continue to display after the balance was successfully loaded onto a prepaid card.

This has now been fixed and will no longer be an issue. The option to Load Now will not be available after the balance has been loaded on to a WorldPay prepaid card.



DEV-2609 - Remove Calculated Price for Guest Tiers

When adding an overflow tier to a party or party package's guest count, the Fee Per Overflow Guest field would previously populate with a number. This suggested number was calculated based on the most common pricing structures used by PCS facilities and could be modified.

Having a pre-populated number in the Fee Per Overflow Guest field ended up causing some confusion among PCS users. The decision was made to have it removed.

When an overflow tier is added, the user will now simply be prompted to enter an amount in the corresponding Fee Per Overflow Guest field:



DEV-2633 - Waiver allows for invalid birthdates

The customer-facing waiver would previously allow for customers to enter invalid birthdates. This led to potential bad data for PCS facilities.

The waiver page will no longer allow for a customer to enter a date of birth that does not exist:



DEV-2659 - Transactions processed through Party Center Pay with an invalid address

When a customer makes an online payment through a Party Center Pay Ecommerce account, they are prompted to provide their full address:
The facility can decide whether or not they wish to verify the address provided with the credit card company using AVS validation (Address Verification System) during the Party Center Pay setup process.

Previously, if AVS was turned on, only the zip code provided would be verified. This has been updated to comply with new security standards. The full address provided by the customer will now be verified when the customer makes a Party Center Pay Ecommerce payment if the facility decides to turn AVS on.



DEV-2695 - New reporting options are being cut off when viewed through a mobile browser

If a PCS user attempted to view our new reports through a mobile browser, certain check boxes would be cut off:
This has been fixed. All check boxes will now display when viewing any of the new reports through a mobile browser:



DEV-2712 - Remove Contact Log from the Admin page to prevent database lockup

Party and online store orders contain a tab labelled Contact. By clicking on this tab, a PCS user can view the contact history associated with a particular order. This is generally referred to as the order's contact log:
Every order's contact log was also available together in a compiled list by going to Admin > Contact Log:
Using this link would cause the PCS database to lock up if the facility had a significant number of orders.

The decision was made to remove this link to prevent database lockups since this information is only useful within the context of an order rather than in a compiled list.

All contact log info is still available by clicking on the Contact tab of any given party or online store order.



DEV-2720 - Loyalty Report Includes Data for Orders That Are Not Closed

Orders in Open or Pending Review status were previously displaying on the Customer Loyalty report, as well as the Loyalty tab of a customer account:


Both the Customer Loyalty report and the Customer tab have been updated to only display order information if the order is in Closed status.



DEV-2724 - Combined Guest Maximum is no longer restricting the sum of both guest counts

If a party or party package utilizes two guest counts, the sum of both guest counts is not supposed to be able to exceed the number entered in the Combined Guest Maximum field if a customer is booking online:

Previously, a bug was allowing this number to be exceeded by customers booking a party online.

This has now been resolved. The sum of both guest count totals entered by the customer can no longer be greater than the Combined Guest Maximum for the party or party package being booked.



DEV-2740 - Attempting to sort products within a category or name a category locks up PCS Register

Attempting to use either the Edit Category Name or the Sort Products button on the Admin > Products page through PCS Register would previously cause the application to lock up:

This has been resolved. Both buttons now function properly when used within PCS Register.



DEV-2741 - Every other attempt to sort Party and Party Package Add-On items fails

PCS users have the ability to sort the order that party and party package add-ons display to the customer when the customer is booking a party online. The order can be changed by navigating to the party or party package's Online Booking tab and clicking on the Sort Product List button:

A bug was causing this function to fail every other time a PCS user clicked on the Sort Product List button.

This has been resolved. Attempting to sort a party or party package's add-on items will now work as intended every time.



Minor Fixes:

  • DEV-259 - Clicking "Start Over" on OBM removes event from schedule, does not cancel event if payment has been taken
  • DEV-2385 - The new restriction that limits the user from entering more than 2 digits to the right of the decimal is performing rounding operations
  • DEV-2445 - POS and Order Info - Avoid check for failed transactions for brand new orders
  • DEV-2527 - The tax names are misaligned on the Online Booking ORDER CONFIRMATION page (done.asp)
  • DEV-2562 - Void transactions that failed during Capture
  • DEV-2657 - Azure Search - Add Application Insights
  • DEV-2734 - Remove extra call for checking Processing Network
  • DEV-2762 - Update the new communication style to make it clearer
  • DEV-2777 - Release - Encountering error when voiding transactions
  • DEV-397 - GOH not showing up in orders
  • DEV-2725 - Party Packages with two guest counts and at least one "Qty by Guest Count" packaged product are incorrectly calculating the price

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