15 Creative Event and Promo Ideas for Q1 & Q2

Looking for creative event ideas that'll bring more customers through your doors? Check out this article!

Looking for creative event ideas that'll bring more customers through your doors?

As a family entertainment center owner, operator, or events coordinator, your goal is to provide guests with a one-of-a-kind experience that will have them coming back to your facility time and time again.

By offering special or unique events throughout the year, you’ll attract both old and new customers alike!

15 Creative Event and Promo Ideas for Q1 & Q2

The following excerpt is from our latest resource, the Monthly Events Calendar. It's our hope that the following ideas save you time while planning and help to increase bookings year-round!

Be sure to download the full resource for more event ideas and/or revenue-generating opportunities for every month of the year! Each monthly page also offers a note section where you can add your own ideas.

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Martin Luther King, Jr. Contest

Consider hosting a leadership-themed giveaway for the week of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

Ask your community to submit entries nominating someone in their life who has exhibited notable leadership qualities recently and reward the winners with free passes!

Snow Days

If the weather isn't too rough, but your local schools have called a snow day, offer a flash sale or discount encouraging families to take advantage of the day off from school.

Keep in mind that this sale or discount will require planning ahead of time. Have your advertisements ready to go out as soon as a snow day is called!

Bonus Tip: 

Remember to check in with your local schools at the top of the year regarding their vacation weeks. It’s important to plan ahead for winter break, spring break, and any other vacations so that you can promote events early and get more patrons during this time!


Super Bowl 

Host a Super Bowl Squares Party and use your online store to sell “squares” to the public. You can also host Big Game Bingo and other activities that are fun for all ages. Remember, the winners get a prize!

Want to incentivize guests to watch the Super Bowl at your facility? Consider offering a special food & drink combo deal during this event.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is a great opportunity for facilities to host more than one event. Here are a few examples:

  • Galentine's Day Party (Gal Pal's only!)
  • Single's Party
  • Family Love Party
  • Chocolate Tasting Fair

A clever promotional slogan for you to use might be: "Forget the flowers and chocolates, gift a memory instead!" Use your online store to sell 3-month membership passes at a discount during this time!


March Madness/Sports Party

With basketball season in full swing, now is a great time to host a March Madness Party. Much like with the Super Bowl, use your online store to sell tickets and give away prizes like play passes to encourage winners to return to your facility.

Think about how you can involve your local sports teams to draw in bigger crowds. Consider hosting a fundraiser for local athletics!

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St. Patrick’s Day Party 

Plan a St. Patrick's Day party for both children and adults!

For kids, consider hosting a fun day of activities including a St. Patrick’s Day-themed scavenger hunt and a fun crafting session where they create their own “pot of gold” by painting a cauldron and stuffing it with chocolate coins.

For adults, consider hosting a DIY St. Patty’s Day Drink event. Provide fun drink toppings such as whipped cream, green sprinkles, and cherries. If able, you can also host an Irish cooking class!

Consider hosting a family fun day of activities around this time. Set up a station and have children and parents plant clovers in mini-compostable containers. You may also want to hire Irish dancers to provide guests with some family-friendly entertainment!


“April Showers” Party Series

Run discounts based on the weather!

You can increase business on a “slow” day by encouraging customers to come to your indoor facility for family fun when it's raining.

Spring Break 

Run a “Spring Break Staycation Special” for families that are staying in the local area during this week. 

Be sure to offer up this promo in advance. You may just influence their decision to stay local!


For Easter, consider hosting an "Eat & Play" event! You can plan an Easter Brunch for families, an Easter Egg Hunt, and have the Easter Bunny visit and take pictures with the children.

Remember to sell tickets to these events via your online store!

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Summer Passes 

May is a perfect time to start promoting your summer passes. 

Offer an "Early Bird Discount" all month long for patrons who purchase their summer access early.

Mother’s Day

Reward moms with special pricing if they come to your facility to spend time with their children during this week.

High School Graduations

Run special pricing for any graduating high school seniors. 

You may also want to consider hosting prom after-parties. They're an excellent way to increase business and create a safe space for your local teens to go to after prom!


Summer Break

Consider hosting a "School's Out" Party to celebrate the beginning of summer vacation.

Have children ring in the summer by putting together a fun DIY Summer Drink Station where they can create their own summer drink using lemonade, different soda, and fun flavorings (don’t forget the funky straws!) 

If you have outdoor space, you can host a series of fun activities outside such as a water balloon fight, chalk drawing contest, and so much more!

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Father’s Day

Reward dads with special pricing if they come to your facility to spend time with their children during this week.

Summer Camp

Reach out to local summer camps and coordinate an activity day off-site at your facility. 

Advertise your digital waiver capability to make getting parental approval a breeze.

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