4 Outdoor Attractions to Increase Your FEC Revenue

4 Outdoor Attractions to Increase Your FEC Revenue

Rebecca Twomey
Jun 10, 2021 6:15 AM

Whether you're experiencing a slow summer season or are facing capacity restrictions, there are still a number of creative ways you can continue to provide a fantastic experience for your guests and boost revenue at your FEC.

One of the most untapped sources of potential revenue is your outside space or that of your community.

That's why this month, we released a BONUS resource on 4 Outdoor Attractions to Increase Your FEC Revenue.

4 Outdoor Attractions to Increase Your FEC Revenue

In this guide, we share four ideas for outdoor attractions that your family entertainment center should consider setting up this summer.

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Below is a snippet of Chapter One.

Outdoor Attraction #1: Junior Olympics

Nothing brings in customers (and therefore, more revenue) like a little friendly competition.

By either using items or attractions you already have at your facility, or investing a small sum into a tug of war rope, burlap sacks, orange cones, and hula hoops, your family entertainment center can easily create a Junior Olympics or Adventure Course for guests!

Whether you decide to charge per participant or per team, encourage hopeful entrants to register online using your online booking page.

This way, you can also encourage they purchase add-on items like water bottles, packaged snacks, or a commemorative t-shirt with your facility logo on it.

This type of outdoor attraction doesn't have to be a one-time event, or just for kids either!

Once you have items you need for the event, you can host as often as you like! Consider creating a "Parent's Day Out," "Sibling Challenge," or "Battle of the Besties" obstacle course event. The name and style are totally up to you. You might also consider inviting a local vendor or food truck to come and serve adult beverages if you don't have the license to do so yourself!

Be sure to download the eBook for more ideas.

After reading, we'd love to hear your thoughts! What ideas do YOU have for outdoor attractions? Have you already implemented any of the ideas shared? What other outdoor attractions do you currently have at your facility to increase revenue?

Outdoor Attractions eBook - CTA - Blog

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