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6 Steps to Ensure Event Success at Your FEC

In this article, we share 6 steps to ensure event success at your family entertainment center.

Event success at your FEC isn’t something that just magically happens. It takes proper planning, hard work, and constantly tweaking your processes as you host more events.

To ensure you provide the best possible guest experience, you need to have a plan in mind for how to prepare, run, and follow up after each event you host—and make sure every member of your team follows that same plan.

Remember, a great guest experience equals happy customers and great reviews!

6 Steps to a Successful Event at Your Facility

Let's jump in!

1. Train your team to believe in and follow your vision

What makes your business, facility and/or party packages unique? Why do people choose your facility over another to host their party?

Write down what sets you apart from the competition and pass it on to the rest of your team. Hire motivated staff members that see your vision and want to exemplify it through their work every day.

Invest in your team, train, and listen to their ideas. Work with each staff member to help them formulate individual goals and provide support where needed. When your team sees that you care about their success, they’re more likely to care about yours as well!

2. Create a continuity plan and use it regularly

Your continuity plan is a blueprint of how to prepare for each event and make it a success.

For instance, your customers may book online using Party Center Software, which is where you collect a deposit. Awesome!

However, this is just the beginning. You’ll want to have a plan in mind to call your upcoming guests and ask them if they’d like to add on items such as food and goodie bags.

This is also a great opportunity for one of your designated party hosts on staff to call and gather additional information about the guest of honor to personalize their experience.

Have a checklist of items you need to accomplish to ensure the party prep is well-executed.

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3. Focus on customer service

One of the core values you should prioritize at your family entertainment center is great customer service.

A great, enjoyable experience will keep customers coming back to your facility time and time again.

Customer service is more than just a friendly face and a smile, it’s passing on your brand and promise to customers by creating a memorable experience for them.

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4. Personalize your guest's experience

Personalize your party experience for each and every guest.

In the initial planning stages after a guest has booked a party with you, consider collecting information on their favorite songs, favorite drinks, color, and games. Maybe they’d even like their party to have a special theme!

Incorporate as many personal touches as you can to take your parties to the next level for your guests.

5. Make "fun" a priority!

One of the top priorities on your list for every event should be to make sure everyone is having a good time!

Depending on the number of guests in attendance, this may mean you need to assign a few extra party hosts from your staff. This will ensure every guest has their needs met and the party goes well.

Additionally, make sure you or someone from your leadership team takes the time to show face at as many events as possible to find out if there is anything you can do to make your guest’s experience more enjoyable.

It’s important for you to make sure the environment at your facility is fun and welcoming!

6. Show gratitude

Your guests are taking a break from their lives to come and enjoy themselves and they’ve decided to do so at YOUR establishment.

Constantly think of new and creative ways you can show guests your appreciation for entrusting your team to take care of their special day. Find out why they chose you to host their event and thank them for it by providing a coupon for their next visit!

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