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Download Our Online Booking Studies & Compare Yearly Data

Data is a business asset. Check out this post for links to all of our annual booking studies & note how the industry has changed!

Every year, we release an annual Online Booking Study that includes our most recent data on everything from average party revenue to who books the most parties and when. 

It's incredibly important to take a look at new data every year as well as compare the data year-over-year to better understand how the industry has changed. 

After all, data fuels your marketing efforts & any future plans!

Download Our Online Booking Studies & Compare Yearly Data

Data is a business asset. By collecting (and using) data, you'll be able to maximize your efforts and grow your business. 

Over time, you'll also be able to recognize patterns and trends. For instance, you may notice seasonal changes, differences in the sort of package items that are most popular amongst your customer segments, and whether you get more repeat visitors or first-time guests.

If you aren't currently using an online booking software, our annual studies are a great place to start. They offer a wealth of information and data about our customer's customers! When they book, who's booking, and so much more. 

Check out and download our online booking studies below:

2021 Online Booking Study - CTA - Blog

Finding the Right Attraction Mix for Your FEC

In our upcoming webinar, we'll discuss effective facility planning, new popular attractions, how to staff attractions (as well as ideas for attractions that don't need as much staffing), how to create the right attraction mix for your business, and so much more!

Click the image below to register today!

Webinar 42 - CTA - Blog

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