Hosting Charity Events at Your FEC: Do Good and Grow Business!

In this article, we share why hosting charity events at your family entertainment center can help you to increase business at your facility year-round!

Have you ever hosted a charity event at your family entertainment center? 

If not, now is a great time to plan a back-to-school drive or start pre-emptively planning for an event when the official "Season of Giving" kicks in later this year!

Not only will you help contribute to those in need, you'll also increase business over time by building a positive reputation in your local community. 

Hosting Charity Events at Your FEC: Do Good and Grow Business!

As the owner or manager of a family entertainment center or events venue, hosting a charity event should be at the top of your list every holiday season as well as when other opportunities arise throughout the year.

Giving back to your community is actually one of the best ways to ensure business year-round. By performing acts of kindness, you position yourself in a positive light to potential customers and increase the likelihood of attracting new visitors. 

Remember, customers want to give their business to organizations that give back to others. They want to support organizations that care.

Here are some ideas for events you can host throughout the year: 

  • A fundraiser for a local school, after-school program, or sports team to raise funds and supplies for kids in need.
  • Partner with a local food bank around Thanksgiving and host a food/turkey drive. 
  • Partner with local charities or other causes to host an event or provide them with the space to host their next meeting.
  • Host a challenge, game, or marathon at your facility, using some of your attractions. Winner gets to donate to a charity of their choice. 
  • Run a winter coat and supply drive for homeless veterans. 
  • Host a holiday toy drive.

By making it a priority to host charity events at your facility throughout the year, you're giving back and getting the attention of locals that might want to book a party with you and support your business for simply being great!

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