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5 Resources You Already Have to Successfully Pivot Your Business

When deciding to pivot your business, you need to consider all of the resources you already have at your disposal. Read on for more!

When deciding to pivot your business, you need to consider all of the resources you already have at your disposal.

You can leverage your community, staff, and even indoor or outdoor space to maximize efficiency, grow revenue and quickly adapt to changes or obstacles in your way.

Following are a few examples of existing resources you may already have and some creative ideas on how to use them!

5 Resources You Already Have to Successfully Pivot Your Business

Let's jump in.

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1. Your Indoor Space

If faced with capacity restrictions, measure out sections of your indoor play area that adhere to any physical distancing rules or other restrictive guidelines.

Your family entertainment center might not be able to operate at full capacity, but you can still work with what you’ve got! 

If said regulations prevent you from using your physical space for its originally intended use, think of how you can use it for another purpose. If your private party rooms are unable to be used for celebrations, use your online booking software as a tool for customers to reserve quiet areas for virtual learning and or adult work/conference rooms.

Larger party rooms in your facility may be able to be reserved for small homeschool groups. You may even want to add packaged snacks and beverages as add-on choices to their booking.

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Leveraging an existing resource such as your physical indoor space for different purposes also allows you (budget-permitting) to employ a few more staff that might otherwise be out of work. This is especially useful for younger staff members that are interested in going to school for a career in teaching, childcare, social work, etc., or adults who are interested in leading a homeschool co-op group and could benefit from helping in this kind of environment.

*Note: Check-in and work with local town officials and your insurance provider to make sure you’re following any regulations in place and have proper coverage!

2. Your Kitchen

Kids and adults alike will miss indulging in a slice of pizza and other delicious treats from your kitchen. Set up your online store to offer food options guests can pick up as takeout! If you have the capacity, recruit a few staff members and expand your offering to include delivery, especially for large orders.

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If you offer large “at-home” party packages, you can not only provide a myriad of attraction rental options but can also use any number of portable kitchen equipment such as deep fryers and table-top pizza ovens if you want to increase the revenue potential for these events. 

3. Your Outdoor Space

If you own or operate a family entertainment center that has accessible outdoor space around the facility―use it! Our complimentary resource, 4 Outdoor Attractions to Increase Your FEC Revenue, shares great ideas for how you can maximize this space to drive business. 

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Whether you have outside space or not, it’s a good idea to own several portable attractions such as inflatables and obstacle course items. Any attractions that can easily change locations are perfect to make available for rent or to include in large “at-home” party packages.

Check out our webinar with Jenna Boyo, Owner of Planet Lazer, in which we talk about the many ways she pivoted to using her outdoor space when faced with capacity restrictions.

4. Family, Friends, Staff, and Community

Constructing a business pivot plan―let alone executing one―isn’t a one-person job. Leveraging your existing resources includes your family, friends, staff, and community!

Reach out to and lean on them for emotional support, ideas, for an extra set of hands when tasks arise, and for financial support if possible or needed.

The FEC industry is all about helping others make meaningful connections and memorable experiences. Connect with other owners and operators via the Party Center Community Group on Facebook and exchange ideas, ask questions, or seek support.

5. Time

Time is a valuable resource! 

When your business and life aren’t running as normal, when you’re caught up trying to pivot and act fast, it can be easy to stray off course. 

Whether it’s a physical planner or a digital calendar, time-block your days, weeks, and months to ensure you’re using your time wisely and working towards your goals each and every day.

If allowed by state/town officials, you may consider changing your hours to better fit the status of your business and/or what will be most beneficial for it during your time of pivoting. This can mean choosing to: 

  • Extend your business hours (to fit more parties in rotation.).
  • Cut down on how many days a week you’ll be open (to save on labor costs for workers as well as utility costs, etc.).

The time you gain to focus on pivoting and improving your business can allow you to work on things that you normally would not have the time to do, such as:

  • Facility improvements (physical/cosmetic/structural updates)
  • Attraction maintenance
  • Updating processes
  • Deep cleaning
  • Website Updates (in general, in your online store, add-on pictures, adding customer reviews, improvements, etc.)
  • Improving marketing efforts
  • Ordering products/supplies and planning ahead for when things are “back to normal.”

Your customers are sure to notice and appreciate all the hard work you put into improving your facility and guest experience. 

Use this time you have to construct a business pivot plan to focus on how you can improve and grow your business for years to come!

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That’s why your facility should be prepared to pivot.

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