How to Use Hashtags to Attract Local Guests

Want to attract local guests to your family entertainment center? Check out this post on how to use hashtags!

Maximizing your use of hashtags on social media is a great way to attract local guests.

Hashtags can help you connect with influencers, earn media attention, and communicate directly with the families you want as loyal customers.

In fact, when used correctly, hashtags can tip the "balance of attention" in your favor.

How to Use Hashtags to Attract Local Guests

In short, hashtags are words or phrases preceded by the pound (#) symbol and are most commonly used on social media. 

The function of a hashtag is to create a conversation around a specific topic. For example, take a look at #BirthdayPartyIdeasForKids on Instagram:


Notice that you can "follow" a hashtag on Instagram to see what posts are most popular. 

Common mistakes to avoid when using hashtags:

  1. Not using any hashtags. Don't limit your potential reach! Always use a hashtag.

  2. Using hashtags nobody is using. If you're using a hashtag nobody has used, your post won't reach the audience you want. Use a tool like to determine which hashtags are popular and what conversations you'd like to join. Simply search for a word or phrase and will show you the top 10 all-time most popular hashtags based on that word or phrase.

  3. Ignoring the context of a trending hashtag. Take a minute to research the topic of the hashtag so that you don't make the same mistake DiGiorno Pizza made

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Here are a few tag ideas:

  1. #yourcityname - This gives you a chance to reach people who are in your area. You might catch the attention of local influencers or media outlets, too.
  2. #sportsteamname - If there's a local game going on or a national team representing your area or state, you have a good shot at reaching people who live in or near your town and love said team. You could, for example, try to offer some kind of incentive to get people into your facility to watch the game!
  3. #yourattraction - Although this one alone won't reach people in your area, combine it with #yourcityname, and then you'll reach an audience looking for some fun in your area!

Be sure to add your online booking page in the bio of your profile so folks know to book a party when they find you!

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