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NEW Resource: Arcade Profitability Toolkit

Learn more about and download our latest resource, the Arcade Profitability Calculator!

If you have space in your facility that is currently underutilized and are looking to add an arcade, or you’d like to upgrade an existing arcade, check out our newest resource, the Arcade Profitability Toolkit!

Download Now: The Arcade Profitability Toolkit

There are many factors to consider when adding an arcade to your facility.

Although our Arcade Revenue Calculator can provide you with a ballpark number of what to expect in terms of cost and revenue, everything from the games you choose to how you run your facility will determine your profit outcome.

If you'd like to learn more, be sure to download the Arcade Profitability Toolkit.

Arcade Profitability Toolkit - CTA - Blog

For this resource, we collaborated with Dave Wallace from Turfway Entertainment Management Group, an expert in designing profitable entertainment centers. 

We provide information that'll help you determine what to expect when adding or upgrading an arcade, projected costs, projected profits, and a link to our newly redesigned Arcade Revenue Calculator.

We also address customer service and arcade best practices that’ll ensure and maximize the success of your arcade.

It’s our hope that this resource and calculator will help you determine arcade feasibility, discover how to further improve your arcade if you already have one, and continue to grow your business!

Arcade Profitability Toolkit - CTA - Blog

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