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3 Guest Experience Tips to Grow Your Arcade Profitability

Great guest experience has a huge influence on arcade profitability. Want to learn more? Read on!

Great guest experience has a huge influence on arcade profitability. Yes, you heard me right! 

It's not just about the types of games, layout, or redemption items you offer (although all of this is super important, too.)

Providing an incredible experience, from start to finish, is also a contributing factor to the success of your arcade and entertainment center.

3 Guest Experience Tips to Grow Your Arcade Profitability

The following tips were recommended to us by Turfway Entertainment Management Group.

Follow these suggestions to elevate your guest experience and maximize profits.

1. Greet guests immediately.

Make great eye contact, smile, and be sure to answer any questions or concerns they may have. Be patient, friendly, and outgoing with all guests.

An attendant at the front counter is really a salesperson and should be an expert in your POS, knowledgeable in game layout, games, special events, and current promotions.

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2. Walk your guests through everything.

Teach guests how to purchase a game card and how the gaming system works. Assume guests are new to card-powered games. Tell them how to load up a card, how long their card is good for, and the price per game.

Give guests detailed information on different games you offer, how redemption games work, prize options, dining and drink options, and be sure to tell your guests about best value cards, multiple cards as a convenience to groups and families, and any other information they might need.

Each attendant should do 10 game touches per hour to ensure guests understand the game, offer tips or tricks, or recommend similar games.

3. Offer great packages and host fun public-facing events.

Include arcade play in your party packages. The package can include a few free plays for the guest of honor and maybe even some credit at your redemption center so you can make their celebration extra memorable with a greater, more desirable prize.

For the party guests, you can also provide arcade credits and play passes for the duration of the party and perhaps a free, small prize from the redemption counter, so everyone feels like a winner!

Consider hosting fun public-facing events to encourage visitors to play in your arcade. For instance, organize a Family Fun Day and offer group arcade packages for 4-6 people.

You can include game cards, pizza, and even a small amount of pre-earned credits to get them thinking about what kind of prizes they’ll choose at the redemption counter before their fun has even started!

Remember, great packages and events will fuel word-of-mouth and result in more customers.

Arcade Profitability Toolkit

In this resource, we provide information that'll help you determine what to expect when adding or upgrading an arcade, projected costs, projected profits, and a link to our newly redesigned arcade profitability calculator.

We also offer tips for boosting arcade profitability via customer service, guest experience, operational standards, and cleanliness/maintenance.

Click on the image below to download this resource.

Arcade Profitability Toolkit - CTA - Blog

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