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3 Ways to Increase Arcade Revenue at Your FEC

Courtney Drahos
Oct 27, 2020 6:00 AM

Not only can arcades be a gold mine as a stand-alone attraction
for entertainment, they can also be a fantastic source of
additional revenue should they be added to an existing Family Entertainment Center. 

Either way, increasing arcade revenue at a family entertainment center is an important aspect of any facility owner’s job.

But why? 

With the large variety of games out there and the wide range of ages they cater to, arcades are a great way to provide fun for the entire family. Children and adults alike love arcade games and the thrill of earning tickets or points for a prize. Not to mention bragging rights at the end of some friendly competition! The more people an attraction caters to, the more revenue potential there is!

Any seasoned FEC owner will tell you the layout of an arcade and game positioning is a critical part of enticing your guests to enter this part of the facility, load their game cards and swipe to play. 

However, the key to increasing arcade revenue is both drawing guests in AND finding a way to encourage them to stay longer and play more. If you master both pieces of the equation, the increase in your arcade revenue will skyrocket the success of your family entertainment center into a whole new dimension. 

If you’re ready to make it happen, here are three ways to increase arcade revenue at your FEC:

3 Ways to Increase Arcade Revenue at Your Family Entertainment Center

1. Include Arcade Play in Your
Party Packages

It’s always great to give your guests a few options to choose from when it comes to your party packages. Having a “good, better, best” package offering makes your facility a viable venue option for anyone’s budget.

Create a party package with a significant focus on arcade play.
The package can include for example a few free plays for the guest of honor and maybe even some credit at your redemption center so you can make their celebration extra memorable with a greater, more desirable prize! 

For the party guests, you can provide arcade credits and play passes for the duration of the party and perhaps a free, lower level prize from the redemption counter, so everyone feels like a winner.

If you have other attractions in your facility, you have a huge opportunity to pull folks into your arcade area as well.
Consider including a $5.00 game card for each guest as an add-on option for your party packages. This is a great way keep guests occupied while they wait their turn to partake in laser tag or the
bounce houses!

Not only will this add-on option ensure there’s no downtime for your guests during the party, it also opens the door for it to be a source of increased arcade revenue. When you give customers a small taste of the fun they can experience, it makes them more inclined to reload their game card with additional credits via funds from their own pocket.

2. Offer Trendy Prize Options to Increase Arcade Play Desire

One key motivator for guests to want to play more games and
thus spend more money in your arcade is the opportunity to
win a coveted prize to take home and show off to their family
and friends. 

It’s important to keep up on the latest trends for redemption prizes, not only to make guests happy that visit your arcade frequently, but also to advertise as prize options to new guests in to play.

Consult your younger staff members and even those loyal customers who frequent your arcade area to find out what the latest popular toy, character or movie is and fill some of your redemption area with prizes based on their responses. When school-aged guests show off their new prize(s) at school, their friends will be asking where they earned such a cool item. It’s only
a matter of time until those kids end up visiting your facility to try and earn one for themselves.

In addition to the “trendy” prizes, be sure to have a variety of classic toys and prize options if you’re interested in increasing your arcade revenue. The more people that play, the higher the revenue, right?

Classic redemption center prizes can also give a sense of nostalgia to your adult gamers. A simple redemption toy such as a slinky can trigger a childhood memory for parents they feel excited to share with their own children. Who doesn’t love a good whoopee cushion or light up yo-yo to take home, regardless of age?!

Big ticket, or high-dollar value prizes, are rising in desirability among arcade players. Facility owners will want to have a select few “top-tier” prizes for guests to shoot for, such a PS4. If you allow guests to save up their tickets over time, players will be more apt to revisit your FEC and continue spending money inside the arcade (and likely other areas of your FEC such as the food and beverage counter) in hopes to earn the most valuable prize. 

It’s way more fun to “win” a PS3 than just go out and buy one, isn't it? Top prize winners will be eager to share how they won with family and friends.

3. Host Arcade-Centric Events for
Larger Groups

Increase arcade revenue by encouraging guests to spend time in that area of your facility through hosting family game nights as well as themed arcade events and contests for the public. Think outside of the box to provide creative and fun opportunities that will bring more game-loving guests through your doors.

Families are always looking to get out of the house and make memories together, especially these days! Creating a family
game day at your arcade gives them the chance to do so.
Consider organizing a Family Fun Day and offer group arcade packages for 4-6 people. You can include game cards, pizza and even a small amount of pre-earned credits to get them thinking about what kind of prizes they’ll choose at the redemption counter before their fun has even started.

If you want to make the event extra special, consider renting or purchasing a photo booth for your arcade area! Guests will love a photo strip of their loved ones to help them remember the excitement they felt and fun they had at your facility’s event. If you want to cater to individuals (of all ages) as well as families, you can host themed arcade nights such as “80’s Prom Night” or “Game in a Get-up,” where guests come in costume to play. You may even want to throw in a discount or special prize for whoever arrives in the best costume.

Hosting a contest is another fun way to increase arcade revenue at your family entertainment center. How about a basketball shooting contest, for example? If you have a basketball shooting game in your arcade, organize a shooting contest and award the highest scoring guest with a dazzling prize everyone will be envious of!

Each participant can pay a flat fee to enter the contest, and their entry can include a game card to participate in the shootout as well as extra credits to be used on any game within the arcade. Don’t hold out on the prize for this one—the more desirable the prize is, the more guests will be motivated to enter! 

Increasing Arcade Revenue:
The Opportunities Are Endless

Arcades are a great way to increase revenue at your family entertainment center.

The variety of games available today gives facility owners the opportunity to appeal to a wide range of guests, causing there to be no shortage of opportunities for driving additional arcade revenue.

Use these three tips to encourage your arcade goers to play more and visit more often, and you’ll see your arcade revenue “beat the previous high score”!

If you’re looking for additional insights on how to increase
revenue at your FEC, download your copy of our complimentary resource, 3 Simple Ways to Improve Revenue at Your Family
Entertainment Center.

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