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3 Ways to Increase Arcade Revenue at Your FEC

In this article, we share three creative ways you can increase arcade revenue at your family entertainment center.

Looking for ways to increase arcade revenue at your FEC?

In this article, we share 3 creative ideas that'll help you boost profits! 

3 Ways to Increase Arcade Revenue at Your Family Entertainment Center

Here are 3 creative ideas you can implement to increase your arcade revenue.

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1. Include Arcade Play in Party Packages

This package can include a few free plays for the guest of honor and maybe even some credit at your redemption center so you can make their celebration extra memorable with a more desirable prize.

For the party guests, you can also provide arcade credits and play passes for the duration of the party and perhaps a free, small prize from the redemption counter, so everyone feels like a winner!

It’s always great to give your guests a few options to choose from when it comes to your party packages. Creating “good, better, best” package offerings make your facility a viable venue option for anyone’s budget.

If you have other attractions in your facility, use this to your advantage. Offer a $5.00 game card for each guest as an add-on option to your party packages. 

Not only will this add-on option ensure there’s no downtime for your guests during the party, but it's also a great way to increase arcade revenue. When you give customers a small taste of how much fun your arcade can really be, it makes them more inclined to reload their game card!

2. Offer Trendy Prize Options

Your redemption center should "wow" the guest. Great prizes can increase your customer's desire to play and win.

That's why it’s so important to tune in to the latest trends for redemption prizes. Consult your younger staff members and even loyal customers who frequent your arcade to find out what the latest popular toy, character or movie is and fill some of your redemption area with prizes based on their responses.

When younger guests show off their new prize at school, their friends will surely ask, "Where'd you get that?!" It’s only
a matter of time until new customers visit your facility to try and earn a prize for themselves!

In addition to the “trendy” prizes, be sure to have a variety of classic toys and prize options. Classic redemption prizes can entice adult gamers. A simple redemption toy such as a slinky can trigger a childhood memory for parents that they'll want to share with their own children. Who doesn’t love a good whoopee cushion or light up yo-yo to take home, regardless of age?!

Big-ticket or high-dollar value prizes are also important. Be sure to add a few “top-tier” prizes for guests to work towards, such as a gaming system or BlueTooth headphones. Players will want to continue to visit your arcade to rack up points in hopes of winning this valuable prize.

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3. Host a Fun or Themed Event

Consider hosting a fun public-facing event to encourage visitors to play in your arcade.

For instance, organize a Family Fun Day and offer group arcade packages for 4-6 people. You can include game cards, pizza, and even a small amount of pre-earned credits to get them thinking about what kind of prizes they’ll choose at the redemption counter before their fun has even started!

If you want to make the event extra special, consider renting or purchasing a photo booth for your arcade area. Families will appreciate the chance to snap a photo that'll remind them of the fun they had at your facility.

You can also host themed arcade nights such as “80’s Prom Night” and ask guests to dress up. Best-dressed wins a prize! 

And speaking of contests, if you have a basketball game in your arcade, organize a contest and award the highest scoring guest with a prize. You can do this with other games, too.

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