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8 Cleanliness & Maintenance Tips for Your Arcade

In this article, we highlight our top 8 cleanliness and maintenance tips for your arcade.

Cleanliness and maintenance standards are among the most important factors to consider when running a family entertainment center.

If your goal is to give customers a great impression, you'll want to make sure that you have such standards in place and staff is well-trained on how to uphold these standards.

In this article, we highlight our top 8 cleanliness and maintenance tips for your arcade.

8 Cleanliness & Maintenance Tips for Your Arcade

The following tips were recommended by Turfway Entertainment Management Group.

Let's jump in!

  1. No chairs, stools, food, or drinks should be permitted behind the counter.
  2. Store disinfectant spray, towels, and other cleaning supplies behind the counter after each use.
  3. Signage should display the correct information, be visible and clean. Signage should be printed professionally.
  4. Wiring and cables for the POS should be organized and dressed for visual appearance.
  5. Counters should be clean and free from clutter, papers, fingerprints, etc. The only items to be displayed on the counter should be promotional flyers. Counters should be wiped down each night or as needed throughout the day.
  6. Back-up paper and ribbon should be stocked each night. Player Cards should be stocked each morning and secured each night.
  7. A two-way radio should be at the front counter at all times.
  8. Ensure all games are clean and free of dust or fingerprints throughout the day.

Here are more cleanliness and maintenance tips for each game type.

Dispensing/Crane Games:

  • Cranes should be half full of prizes. Too many make it difficult to grab an item, while too few make a poor presentation.
  •   Prizes should be rotated periodically. Be sure to stay up to date on trends.
  •   Clean glass daily, both inside & out.

Ball Games:

  •   Be sure each ball game has the correct number of balls. You may want to assign staff to check this throughout the day.
  •   All balls must be inflated properly and replaced as needed. Balls and machines should also be cleaned weekly.
  •   Games must link properly.
  •   Keep backup balls in storage to replace worn or stolen items.

Redemption Games:

  • Place the redemption prize on display in or on top of the game if there is space.
  •   Rotate games placed in “attract mode” weekly.
  •   Offer trendy and high-quality prize options to increase your customer’s desire to play. Your redemption counter should wow the customer. Another way to keep the excitement is to switch things ups by staging the counter to reflect seasonal themes or major holidays.

Electronic Games:

  •   Make sure you have a preventative maintenance manual available for each game. To achieve proper P.M., you must schedule 40 hours per week.
  •   Have a backup supply of proper switches, boards, fuses, lights, and assemblies for all of your games.

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