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3 Ways to Increase Employee Productivity at Your FEC

In this article, we share 3 ways you can improve employee productivity at your family entertainment center.

Are you looking to increase employee productivity at your FEC?

Want to motivate your team ahead of the holiday season and ensure everyone is ready to tackle the tasks ahead?

Well, you've come to the right place!

Below are three ways you can increase employee productivity and grow your business. 

3 Ways to Increase Employee Productivity at Your Family Entertainment Center

Let's jump in!

1. Improve Communication

As the owner or operator of a family entertainment center, fostering great communication with your employees is critical.

If task requests aren't clearly communicated, there may be confusion about what needs to be done and how the task should be completed. This may cause your employees to feel overwhelmed and can increase the time it takes to complete what’s asked of them.

To increase employee productivity, make sure the directions you give are clear and concise. Keep emails short and to the point. Meet 1 on 1 if the task is better off being explained rather than written!

Save meetings for only what is essential and when you do have them, be sure to give your team an agenda ahead of time that outlines the purpose and goal of the meeting. If any staff members are confused and need further clarification, be sure your team knows that you’re there to help them and are happy to do so.

2. Foster a Positive Company Culture

According to Forbes, a “positive workplace culture improves teamwork, raises the morale, increases productivity and efficiency, and enhances retention of the workforce. Job satisfaction, collaboration, and work performance are all enhanced.”

In fact, a Forbes study “using data over a ten-year period of employee engagement surveys and company results showed organizations that possessed an engaged culture” had 15% greater employee productivity.

Here are a few ways you can foster a positive work environment to drive employee productivity:

  • Create a Business Mission Statement and Core Values
    for Employees to Follow

    Does your company have a written mission statement or list of core values that are important to you and that you want to see your employees exhibit regularly in the workplace?

    If so, have they been communicated to your team? If you haven’t created something like this, you should! Document it and remind your staff members of them often. You may even consider making a sign with your mission statement and/or
    core values and display it in your employee break room, or another common area your staff members frequent.

  • Encourage Teamwork and Team Bonding

    Are you familiar with John Heywood’s quote, “Many hands make light work”? The more employees you have working on a task, the faster it gets done, leaving more time for additional projects or tasks to be completed.

    Keep in mind, however, that teamwork doesn’t always come naturally for everyone. With so many different types of people on your staff roster, you’re bound to have individuals who think drastically different from one another, especially when it comes to getting projects done around the facility.

    As the owner or operator, you may be of the opinion that this is a great thing. It is!

    However, it’s important to know that it's of utmost importance for your staff to participate in a few team-building activities so that they can get to know each other better, as well as learn how to professionally communicate, problem-solve, and compromise with each other when working on different tasks. 

    Teaching these skills will certainly lead to increased employee productivity, as they’ll be spending less time debating on how something should be done and more time on getting it done.

  • Invest in Your Employees

    The relationship you have with your employees is so important.

    When employees feel a real connection with the management team at their place of employment, it fosters a sense of ownership and belonging. The result is staff members who want to invest in the company by doing great work.

    If you could use help in this department, find ways to get to know your employees more! Have them fill out surveys anonymously on what improvements to company culture they would like to see and what motivates them.

    Are they looking for incentives? While some would really appreciate a day off, or acknowledgment for a job well done, others might value a ticket to a ball game over a raise!

    Perhaps they’re looking for more leadership opportunities. A great way to show your employees that you care about their education is by putting together a college tuition fund where staff can choose to have portions of their paycheck put aside to save for school until they need it! Or, put together an employee of the month program and host staff luncheons or a quarterly dinner to recognize your group of talented individuals.

    When your employees feel like they are a part of your extended family and that you truly care about them, they’re more apt to want to help your business grow. 

3. Create an Employee Playbook

Another extremely helpful tip that will help you increase employee productivity is to develop an employee playbook.

Your Playbook is a collection of best practices, processes, and procedures. Everything employees need to know about your business. Your Playbook can and should also include your FEC’s mission statement and core values.

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Having a playbook in place is a great way to increase employee productivity as it sets clear expectations for what should be done and how. Make it known that you expect them to work hard and put your customers first. Make sure to list the various roles within your organization and their corresponding responsibilities so each person knows what is expected of them.

Having a document that explains how the leader of the company they work for wants things accomplished encourages leaders to stop micromanaging! After all, if you list the specifics in one place and show them to your team, you show that you trust them to be productive and follow the instructions in your playbook. 

This will not only increase productivity but also standardize common procedures, reduce training confusion, and give your employees all the tools they need to be successful.

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