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4 Trick-or-Treat Alternatives Your FEC Can Host This Year

In this article, we share four Trick-or-Treat alternatives your FEC can host this year!

Are you looking for Trick-or-Treat alternatives to host at your family entertainment center this year? 

Although some Trick-or-Treaters might be excited to get back to business this October 31st, not everyone will be able to partake in all of the fun.

Here are a few Trick-or-Treat alternatives your FEC can host to keep things exciting while also keeping everyone safe!

4 Trick-or-Treat Alternatives Your FEC Can Host This Year

Let's jump in!

1. Halloween Parade

Many schools across the U.S. eliminated the on-campus tradition of hosting a Halloween parade for kids to show off their costumes. This year, the same is true for certain states and/or counties. 

That being said, why not invite your local schools to continue the tradition and host a parade at your facility this year?

If you have outdoor space, this is a great way to celebrate while still encouraging and maintaining distance. If you have a facility mascot, have them dress up and lead the pack!

At the starting line, you can have each decorated participant join in on a game before they flaunt their costume.  A “guess how many items in a jar” contest with Halloween-themed candy, witch's fingers, or plastic spider rings is a fun way to start off this Trick-or-Treat alternative. You can also offer prizes from your redemption center or a free day pass to your facility.

If hosting an in-person walking parade isn’t possible, host a drive-by costume parade where cars drive by your facility with their windows down, allowing kids to show off their costumes to your staff! You can also encourage families to decorate their cars, too. The most "best-dressed" car wins a prize!

2. TRUNK-or-Treat

Another idea is to host a “TRUNK-or-Treat” in your family entertainment center’s parking lot!

The goal is to have kids grab candy from the trunks so that everyone is able to maintain a greater amount of social distance while doing so. Encourage or require participants to provide pre-packaged treats. Costumed children will still have the experience of walking door-to-door (trunk-to-trunk!) to collect candy!

Invite your customers to decorate the trunk of their cars and have them park in front of your facility, displaying their creative handy work for all to see. Consider introducing a little friendly competition. Offer prizes to the best decorated, most on-theme to your FEC’s brand, funniest, or scariest trunk! Decide ahead of time whether you’re going to choose the winners yourself or open it up to a community vote.

You can generate revenue for your business by selling admission tickets for the event using your online store.  To make the event even more seamless, use your online booking module as a way for people to reserve a parking spot for their vehicle! 

3. Pumpkin Decorating Contest

Another great trick-or-treat alternative to host is a virtual pumpkin-decorating contest!

Encourage all types of contributions from embellished and painted pumpkins to carved jack-o-lanterns and pumpkin head scarecrows. 

Have participants submit an image of their creations by a certain date. This way, you can create a post or thread on your social page with every entry and allow folks to vote on who should win!

Winners can be awarded prizes like free passes to your facility, birthday party discounts, or an item from your redemption.

Posting or having people post their pumpkins on your social media page is also a great way to effectively market your family entertainment center!

4. Halloween-Themed Tutorial Videos

Another great way to engage your followers virtually is by creating a Halloween-themed video series throughout the month of October. 

You can focus on creating videos about different activities, such as how to make a spooky T-shirt, a ghost face mask, or anything similar. You can even put together craft kits for each activity and sell them via your online store!

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