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The Secret to Creating Amazing Customer Experiences

Want to know how you can provide an amazing experience for your customers time and time again? Read on to learn more!

Are you looking for the secret to creating amazing customer experiences at your facility?

As a FEC owner or operator, making customers happy is your top priority. You want guests to walk away feeling appreciated and eager to return to your facility.

So what's the recipe for success? How can you make sure that you provide an amazing experience for your customers time and time again? Read on to learn more!

The Secret to Creating Amazing Customer Experiences

In the book, Made to Stick, authors Chip & Dan Heath discuss how the famous department store, Nordstrom, creates unforgettable customer experiences.

The company wanted its employees to truly understand just how important customer service is. They wanted to go beyond the "burn-and-churn with a smile" model and deliver experiences that nobody else could deliver.

To accomplish this feat, Nordstrom leadership shared customer service stories from their top employees (aka, "Nordies") to reiterate their company values to the rest of the staff. They told stories about Nordies who ironed shirts for clients and gift-wrapped products bought from other stores, and even warmed customers' cars during the winter while they shopped!

And Nordstrom didn't just tell these stories; they applauded them. The company wanted its employees to understand that these are the types of customer experiences that make their department stores unique.

Obviously, your entertainment business isn't a department store, but you can take this concept and create your own unique customer service experience. Thinking outside the box and doing unexpected things to go above and beyond for your guests is a great way to grow customer loyalty.

A few ways you can provide amazing customer experiences at your facility are:

  • Ask the party booker to send you a guest list so you can send an email invite or send hand-written party invitations to each guest.
  • Dedicate one staff member specifically to the guest of honor (and their guardian, if applicable) to make sure they have everything they want or need while they're at your facility.
  • Offer to take a group picture and print a copy for each guest. Stick it in their goodie bags or send a digital version via email!
  • Facilitate a game during the party and offer the winner a small prize.

This list could go on for miles, but the important thing is for your actions to exceed what guests would usually expect. Customers remember when they have been treated exceptionally well. And when a guest has been treated well, they're much more likely to return for repeat visits and tell their friends to come too.

It's one of the best compliments you can receive as an operator of a family entertainment center!

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