RELEASE 6/6/2019 @ 6:30AM PDT - UI/UX Changes, Software Optimization

Party Center Software Release Note 6/6/2019

General Release Information

This release contains general UI/UX improvements, as well as front-end and back-end software optimization.

Major Fixes:

Click here to view the list of minor fixes included in this release.

DEV-1870 - Schedule Page should be a default page option for users

The Schedule page has been added as a home page option for PCS users.

DEV-1872 - Hide Facility GUID

The Facility GUID has been hidden from Facility Info. It was leftover from a deprecated feature and no longer had a function in PCS. 

It has been removed for this reason.

DEV-1904 - Remove 'Signed Waiver' from customer profiles and 'Paper Waiver Date' from Waiver Settings

The Signed Waiver field that appeared on customer profiles and the Paper Waiver Date checkbox under Waiver Settings predated our current waiver system and no longer had a purpose.

We now offer a waiver solution, so these have been removed to prevent further confusion.

DEV-1947 - Remove 'Waiver Expiration Time Period' from Facility Info

This field also predated our current waiver system and had no relation to the waiver solution that we currently offer.

It has been removed to prevent confusion.

DEV-1948 - Remove 'Signed Waiver' column from customer page if the facility does not use our waiver system

There is a Signed Waiver column that displays on the Customer page if a facility uses our waiver system.

This column was displaying for facilities that were not using our waiver system.
This has been fixed, and this column no longer displays if the facility does not use our waivers.

DEV-1971 - Change discount "Per Item" to "Per Product"

The discount function in PCS still referred to Products as Items.
Since our release in March, Items have been defined as a specific type of Product. Thus, the word "item" should not be used to refer to every type of Product.

We have updated the wording in PCS to reflect this change and prevent confusion.

DEV-1995 - Set "Allow Ordering Of Additional Items That Violate Pre-Order Time" to 'No' and hide for all customers

PCS allows users to define individual pre-order times for the products they sell online. For example, you can require 48 hours advanced notice for a customer to purchase a cake with the party that they book online.

There was a setting located in Online Booking Settings that allowed users to break this functionality. If a user does not want their product to have a pre-order time, then they should simply not define one.

The option for a user to break their own pre-order time has been removed.

Minor Fixes:

  • DEV-1999 - Stored Procedure Times Out On MoveFacilityToNewCompany
  • DEV-2016 - Stop sending emails for not purchased page
  • DEV-2051 - Role misspelled in Manager security group
  • DEV-2062 - Incorrect syntax near ','. Statement:INSERT INTO _tmp_Cached_Facility_Reads
  • DEV-1968 - Support Needs A Way To Set A Facility To Cancelled in the UI
  • DEV-2107 - Embed - Card without funds are allowed to purchase items

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