RELEASE 8/22/2019 @ 4:30AM PDT - UI/UX Changes, Software Optimization

Party Center Software Release Note 8/22/2019

General Release Information

This release addresses several bugs. It also contains UI/UX improvements and back-end software optimization for increased performance.

Major Fixes:

Click here to view the list of minor fixes included in this release.

DEV-83 - Special character in GOH's name causing error

An issue was reported with the software when attempting to edit a specific guest's account from the Customers page. The issue was caused by the use of a comma in the guest's name. We have added restrictions to those fields to prevent these errors moving forward.

If special characters (such as a comma) are used, a dialogue box will appear asking the user to remove the characters. This must be done before saving:

DEV-584 - Change UI for customer edit to prevent pipe symbols

This issue is essentially the same as the issue reported in DEV-83. There were similar errors that occurred when a guest account attempted to use the pipe symbol.

If pipes ( | ) are used, a dialogue box will appear asking the user to remove the symbol. This must be done before saving:

DEV-419 - OBM payment "Billing Address" fields for UK location show as "State / ZIP" instead of "County / Post Code"

This update only effects our United Kingdom customers. Previously, payment modules would ask our UK customers for their State and ZIP Code:

This update changes these fields to County and Post Code if the Language / Region is set to English - United Kingdom in Facility Info:

DEV-52 - Password reset doesn't work, fails to save new password

We discovered an issue with the following guest account recovery link:

The password reset link would successfully reach the guest's email, but the password would sometimes fail to update. This has been addressed, and the password will update if the instructions in the recovery email are followed correctly.

DEV-426 - Cash transaction for "Change Due" shows up as "Refund"

The following line on receipts for cash payments that include change has been modified from Refund to Change Due to improve receipt readability:

DEV-2232 - Online store invoice calculates price incorrectly for tax-included items

The invoice price breakdown of tax-included items sold in the Online Store was previously calculating the included tax as an addition to the lowered price of the the item:
This has been changed so that the invoice instead subtracts the sales tax from the total:

The end result is the same, but the invoice is now consistent with the way tax-included adjustments are handled throughout the software.

DEV-2292 - Update headers for all closeout reports

The following Debit payment headers have been updated in the Closeout Detail report:
  • MasterCard - changed to Debit MasterCard
  • Visa - changed to Debit Visa
  • Unknown Card Type - changed to Debit Unknown Card Type

These have been updated to make clear which payments were run as Credit and which payments were run as Debit when running the Closeout Detail report for both:

DEV-2306 - Unique ID search is not working

The functionality of the Unique ID search on the Customer page had been broken by a previous update:

We have fixed this feature and it now works as intended once again.

DEV-2315 - Deleting Add-On Items that are included in an Event Package, also deletes package items

We were recently made aware of a potential scenario that allowed guests to remove items from the Event Package that they were attempting to book online if those items were also included as Add-ons for said Event Package.

This has been addressed. Guests no longer have the ability modify the items in an Event Package in any way.

DEV-2321 - Terminal hangs when a product is removed from a party order on production

Microsoft recently released an update that effected the ability to remove products from an order while logged in to PCS Portal through our Terminal application.

When the 'x' was clicked (to remove a product) in Terminal, the Order Info page would not show the update until it was refreshed:

We have modified our code to accommodate the Microsoft update.

Minor Fixes:

  • DEV-378 - Typo in popup message that is displayed when searching for a Terminal ID while setting up CardConnect EMV
  • DEV-404 - Prepaid Card Transaction Information modal shows the wrong Loaded On datetime for the Facility
  • DEV-1825 - The SQL behind the Inline SQL for the Time Cards Report (and CSV export) needs to be modified for better performance
  • DEV-2042 - Turn Off Auto Facility Creation When Company is Created
  • DEV-2123 - Remove the Login to Facility dropdown for superusers
  • DEV-2230 - Validate processor network for each successfully transaction
  • DEV-2234 - Add the default user and password for Party Center Pay accounts
  • DEV-2239 - Every time a change is made to the Facility Info page (Profile or Preferences tab) the FacilityStatusUpdateDateTimeUtc is being incorrectly updated too
  • DEV-2271 - We need two on hold options for facility status
  • DEV-2297 - Running the closeout detail report for credit and debit forces an incorrect header to appear above "Total Credit Cards"
  • DEV-2299 - Update support phone numbers listed on Oops! errors
  • DEV-2318 - Script errors in POS Terminal are blocking DEV-426
  • DEV-2319 - Error when running closeout detail report on Staging, does not load every Visa transaction

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