RELEASE 8/8/2019 @ 6:30AM PDT - UI/UX Changes, Software Optimization

Release Notes

General Release Information

This release contains general bug fixes, UI/UX improvements, security improvements, and back-end software optimization.

Major Fixes:

Click here to view the list of minor fixes included in this release.

DEV-2159 - Default Page will load regardless of User Permission

We have fixed a potential security issue that had previously allowed users to access tabs to which they did not have access.

Users were previously able to access their account's Default Page regardless of whether or not their User Group had tab access to that page:


DEV-2156 - Manipulating closed order on POS throws exceptions

All Point of Sale buttons when viewing a closed Point of Sale order have been disabled. Users were previously able to manipulate closed orders with these buttons:

Manipulating a closed order would cause the user to run into various software errors. These buttons have been disabled when viewing an order that is closed. The user must now re-open the order if they with to make any changes.

DEV-2152 - Changing quantity of discounted item causes incorrect tax calculations

Changing the quantity of a discounted product would sometimes cause the tax to calculate incorrectly. This was a rare scenario, but it has now been corrected.

DEV-2150 - Downloading Time Card report gives formatting error

Users have the option of adding a note when clocking in or out with the Time Clock feature:
If the user entered a double quotation mark, the exported CSV version of the Time Cards report that included that time punch would become incorrectly formatted.

All double quotes will now be swapped for single quotes if a user uses the notes field. This will fix the issue when exporting to CSV.

DEV-1842 - Creating an account with an email that is already in use in the OBM redirects the customer to sign a waiver

When a customer goes through the account creation process while booking a party online, they are prompted to provide an email address:

If the customer entered an email that was already in use, they would be incorrectly directed to the Waiver page when they attempted to proceed:

This was been corrected, the customer will now be directed to provide a unique email address if they try to use one that is already in use.

DEV-1805 - Custom Link broken when trying to point to 12:00 PM, 12:15 PM, 12:30 PM, or 12:45 PM

Users have the option to create a custom link for their parties that can take customers to the Online Booking page with a specific party and time pre-selected:


If a customer attempted the use a link pointing to 12:00 PM, 12:15 PM, 12:30 PM, or 12:45 PM, the specific time would not be pre-selected. This has been resolved and those links will now function as they should.

DEV-650 - Remove customer email verification

There was an option in Facility Info under the Preferences Tab to turn on an email verification feature:

This would send every new customer account a verification email, but it did not prevent the customer from booking a party, signing a waiver, etc. An unverified customer account functioned exactly like a verified customer account.

This has been removed due to the fact that it was not providing any value to the software and was causing misconceptions regarding its functionality.

DEV-535 - Allow Discount for Item is stuck on 'No' when creating a Product or an Event

When created a new Item or Event in party center software, the user can decide whether or not they would like that product to be able to be discounted:

This option was previously stuck on 'No' until the product was created. The user would then have to reopen the product and set this to yes.

It can now be set during product creation.

DEV-2118 - The PCS Portal waiver page contains an extra save button that does nothing

Users would encounter two 'Save' buttons when signing a waiver from the Customer tab through Party Center Software:

As indicated, the second button did not serve a purpose and was residual. It was been removed to prevent any further confusion.

Minor Fixes:

  • DEV-2153 - Oops! error occurs when trying to send invoice for particular order
  • DEV-2145 - Vantiv Hosted Ecommerce Duplicate Payments
  • DEV-2134 - Super User - Remove Facility Cache Hits
  • DEV-2133 - Auto Login feature has a security issue
  • DEV-2094 - Remove minus sign next to change due amount in Payment History
  • DEV-2039 - Remove default products for new facilities
  • DEV-2027 - When paying during OBM Checkout using Vantiv Hosted a wrong CVV or Postal Code will cause an inappropriate Alert Box message to appear
  • DEV-1877 - Customer Accounts are allowing more than one email/phone to be flagged as Primary email/phone
  • DEV-1862 - Activity log does not load past error entry
  • DEV-668 - Update facility defaults when a new facility is created
  • DEV-375 - Attempting to make a payment with a CardConnect module when more than one module is visible as a payment tab will throw a validation error on Amount

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