RELEASE 3-6-2023 @ 4:30AM PST - Membership Reports, New Closeout Report

Party Center Software Release Notes 13.2

This update includes three new Membership reports and a new Closeout Report. The new version of the Closeout report is available to all users while the membership reports will be visible to users who have enabled Memberships. The Membership feature is available to anyone who has a PC Pay account, so please contact our Support Team if you would like to enable Memberships.  


Membership Reports


The Members report includes critical information such as the account owner of the membership subscription, the original purchase date, subscription status, subscription frequency, last bill date, last bill amount, and total revenue.  


Membership Revenue

The Membership Revenue report provides a high-level summary of revenue collected per month per plan. If you sell both monthly and yearly subscriptions the revenue collected per month will vary. 


Membership Potential Future Revenue

This report provides an estimate of potential revenue per month if all subscriptions maintained their status from when the report is run. If you sell both monthly and yearly subscriptions this report can help identify potentially larger revenue months. 



New Closeout Report

The new Closeout Report includes all of the same information as the previous Closeout Report but the new report includes Membership revenue. This includes both transactions for activating a membership and recurring revenue charges.



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