RELEASE 12/19/2019 @ 4:30AM PST - New Order Search, Minor Bug Fixes

Party Center Software Release Notes 4.2

General Release Information

With this release, we are happy to introduce the new and improved Order Search.
The new search bar appears at the top of your PCS Portal, and can be used to quickly locate any type of order from almost every page in Party Center Software.
This release also contains two small bug fixes.

The New Order Search

A redesigned and improved order search has been added to Party Center Software. It can be used from any page in PCS, with the exception being the Point of Sale. This is due to the fact that the Point of Sale header differs from the rest of the software, and never included an order search. It is located at the top of the page:
New Order Search

As the annotation states, there are now three way you can quickly locate an order.

  • Order Number: Type any order number to quickly and directly locate the order you are looking for.
    New Order Search

  • Customer Name: Search by a customer's first name, last name, or both.
    This will return order results associated with the name provided. Results will be sorted by the order date.
    New Order Search

    Note: Point of Sale orders are not always, and do not have to be, associated with a customer.
    In this case, Customer will be blank.

  • Last Four Digits of a Credit Card: Type in the last four digits of a credit card to return all orders that contain a payment matching those digits. Orders will be returned in order of most recent payment.
    New Order Search

    Note: Sometimes the last four digits of a credit card will happen to be the same as an order number in your system.
    If this is the case, the order will display first. See the following example:
    New Order Search

When using the new order search, you may click on either the order number to be taken directly to the order, or the customer name (if applicable) to be taken directly to the customer's account. 
If only one result is returned, you may simply press the Enter/Return key on the keyboard to be taken to that order.

Note: There is a several-second delay between changes made to an order and results returned. This is to be expected, as this is the time it takes for the search to update itself in the background. It should be hardly noticeable.

Note: This search is currently only intended to be used to locate orders. This means that customers that are not associated with an order must still be located using the Customers page at this time.


Minor Fixes:

  • DEV-2614 - When creating/editing a party, the second guest count is not being created with the correct values
  • DEV-2637 - Attempting a partial refund for a party order through Party Center Pay causes PCS Register to lock up



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