RELEASE 12/5/2019 @ 4:30AM PST - Minor Improvements and Bug Fixes

Party Center Software Release Notes 4.1

General Release Information

This release contains several small adjustments to our Customer Detail report and notification system, as well as a few bug fixes.

Major Fixes:

Click here to view the list of minor fixes included in this release.


DEV-2422 - Activity Log is no longer recording the user's login information

It was reported that the Activity Log was no longer displaying a user account's recorded login information.
We have fixed this issue, and the Activity Log will now display that information exactly as it once did.
No login information has been lost. Login information was still being tracked, but it was not displaying in the Activity Log.
You will now see historical login information that was previously missing.
Recent Log



DEV-2538 - Script Error: Unable to get property 'show' of undefined or null reference when using PCS Register to change the value in the Section Text drop-down to "blank"

A script error was occurring in PCS Register when a user clicked on the blank area under the Section Text dropdown while editing a text set. This has been resolved.
Edit Store

Edit Store 2



DEV-2555 - The permission to delete individual schedule slots is tied to the wrong permission

The ability to use the Toggle Delete Mode link on the Schedule Page to delete individual schedule slots was previously tied to a User Group permission titled Delete Individual Schedule Slots.
Schedule 1
Schedule 2

This was broken by a previous update to the User Group section of the software. It has now been fixed and the functionality of the Delete Individual Schedule Slots permission has been restored.



DEV-2598 - Customer Detail report returns all Customers/Dependents without a DOB when using the AGE RANGE filter and leaving either box empty

When using the new Customer Detail report, leaving either Age Range field blank would cause the report to return results for customer accounts without a birthdate set. This has been adjusted, and leaving one of the Age Range fields blank will no longer return accounts without a birthday set if the other field contains a value.
Customer Detail 1 Customer Detail 2



DEV-2599 - Customer Detail report AGE RANGE filter does not return the correct results when the same age is entered in both boxes

This issue was very similar to the issue mentioned above. Entering the same number in both fields would cause the Customer Detail report to return results that included customer accounts with no birthdate set. The report has been adjusted to fix this issue.
Customer Detail 3



DEV-2601 - Cancelling a quote causes PCS Register 2.0 to lock up

Attempting to cancel an order in quote status through PCS Register would cause the application to lock up.
This has been fixed and will no longer occur when cancelling a quote.
Order 1



DEV-2605 - Printed pages in PCS are including the new help icon, which impacts printed reports

In the last release, we added a new help icon to the bottom-right hand corner of most pages in Party Center Software.
Question Mark
This icon was being included in printed pages in Party Center Software, including printouts of certain reports. This caused an issue by potentially obscuring report data. This has been resolved. Printed pages will no longer include the new help icon.



DEV-2606 - Acknowledgement Required fails in POS Screens

Certain notifications in Party Center Software require user acknowledgement. This would include a new release notification.
Clicking on the Close button or the X button would cause the notification to no longer display for a particular user account, as the software would log that they had seen the notification.
Release Notes
Clicking on either button was not properly flagging the notification as acknowledged when done on certain pages.
This has been resolved, and notifications can now be acknowledged from any page.


Minor Fixes:

  • DEV-2489 - Broken links on Super Admin users menu
  • DEV-2600 - Release Env. - Acknowledging notifications on certain pages is locking up PCS Register
  • DEV-2617 - The PrePaidRequestModel xml saved to Payments.tbPaymentModuleTransactions should include an element/property for OrderID
  • DEV-2619 - In Register, the page where a notification was acknowledged will continue to display the notification until the page is refreshed
  • DEV-2574 - Add Canadian Main IVR to oops pages and other backend pages



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