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3 Event Ideas to Help Your FEC Prepare for a Successful First Quarter

Eileen Hawkins
Dec 12, 2019 8:04 AM

The new year is right around the corner—do you have your event ideas planned out for Q1?

Hopefully, you've answered, "Yes!" For any event, it's best practice to begin planning at least three months in advance.

While you have one of the largest decisions to make—where to host it—already decided (at your facility!), there's a long checklist of "to-do's" that'll need to be completed before you can be confident an event will run smoothly. One of the most important of them being: What kind of events will you host?

After a season full of holiday events, it's critical your team has a list full of event ideas you can run during the year to make sure customers continue to choose your facility as their entertainment venue.

3 Event Ideas to Help You Prepare for a Successful Q1

If you find yourself needing some inspiration, here are 3 event ideas your family entertainment center can host during the first quarter of the year that will help you start the year off right.


1.) "Food and Fun" Event
To entice families to come back into your facility after the busy holiday season, consider running a special all month long.

Consider running a "Food and Fun" event every weekend during the month of January, where you offer a special on timed facility play or a limited credit on arcade games and offer it as a combo with food at a discounted price.

An event ideas such as this gets customers walking through your door, and because food is included in the special, guests are more likely to stay at your facility for a longer period of time. The longer someone is at your facility, the more likely they are to make additional purchases.


2.) Parents' Night Out
Now, I'm sure you're already thinking about hosting some kind of Superbowl-themed party during this month, but have you considered doing something special for parents?

Now that the holiday season is over, parents will be looking for a night out, where they can relax and enjoy themselves after a stressful and extremely busy couple of months.

Invite local crafters and vendors into your facility to create a pop-up shop, and invite a local masseuse in to give massages.

An event idea like this is fantastic for your business! It shows that you're willing and eager to support other local businesses, and since the event is hosted inside your facility, parents can bring their children to play at your facility.

This way they can enjoy a few hours treating themselves, and also provide their child with a great experience. Be sure to schedule a few extra staff members for this event to supervise play.

Of course, after all that excitement, your guests are sure to be hungry! If you offer food at your facility, this is another great revenue builder for your family entertainment center.

And who knows? Your guests may even decide to book their child's birthday party at your facility after what a great evening they experienced there!


3.) "Stay-cation" Event
School vacations, especially Spring Break, can unfortunately be a slow time for facilities, as many families choose to leave town during this week.

However, this time could also be an excellent opportunity for business!

Research what week your local schools have Spring vacation, and consider running a "Stay-cation" Event at your family entertainment center. Offer discounted play or "Eat-and-Play" combos all week long.

Be sure to have the offerings for this event planned out so your team can begin advertising at the start of the new year. If families see you're running a special at their child's favorite place to play, they're more likely to consider staying in town for Spring vacation, and paying your facility a visit!

Keep Up the Momentum

While we've just provided 3 event ideas for you to get started planning for the new year (if you haven't already), there are endless opportunities for your facility to ensure successful events, not just during Q1, but year-round.

For more event ideas your family entertainment centers can run throughout the year, download our Monthly Events Calendar. In this resource, we share ideas for event opportunities by month, as well as ideas for additional promotions you can run and ways to up-sell as well.

Complimentary Guide: Monthly Events Calendar - A Year-Round, Fun-At-A-Glance Resource for Event Opportunities at Your Facility

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