3 Event Ideas to Help Your FEC Prepare for a Successful Q1

In this article, we share 3 event ideas your family entertainment center can host during the first quarter of the new year!

The new year is right around the corner—do you have your event ideas planned out for Q1?

After a season full of holiday events, it's critical that you and your team also take a moment to develop a list of events you'd like to host in the new year! 

3 Event Ideas to Help Your FEC Prepare for a Successful Q1

If you find yourself looking for some inspiration, here are 3 events your family entertainment center can host during the first quarter of the year that will help you start the year off right!

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1. January: Food & Fun Event

To entice families to come back into your facility after the holiday season, consider running a special all month long!

Host a "Food and Fun" event every weekend during the month of January, where you offer a combo special that includes timed facility play or a limited credit on arcade games with food at a discounted price.

An event idea such as this gets customers to visit and stay at your facility for a longer period of time. And the longer someone is at your facility, the more likely they are to make additional purchases!

2. February: Parents' Night Out

Now, I'm sure you're already thinking about hosting some kind of Superbowl-themed party during the month of February, but have you considered doing something special for parents?

Now that the holiday season is over, parents will be looking for a night out, where they can relax and enjoy themselves after a stressful and extremely busy couple of months.

Invite local vendors into your facility to set up shop and host a fair. You can also invite a local masseuse and other spa professionals to provide a relaxing experience!

An event idea like this shows that you're willing and eager to support other local businesses, and since the event is hosted inside your facility, parents can bring their children to play while they enjoy the fair!

Of course, after all that excitement, your guests are sure to be hungry. If you offer food at your facility, this is another great revenue opportunity for your family entertainment center.

And who knows? Your guests may even decide to book their child's next birthday party at your facility afterward!

3. March: "Stay-cation" Event

School vacations, especially Spring Break, can be a slow time for facilities as many families choose to leave town during this time.

However, this could also be an excellent opportunity for business!

Research what week your local schools have Spring break and consider running a "Stay-cation" event at your family entertainment center during this time. Offer discounted play or "Eat-and-Play" combos all week long.

Be sure to have the offerings for this event planned out early on so your team can begin advertising at the start of the new year. If families see you're running a special at their child's favorite place to play, they're more likely to consider staying in town for spring break!

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