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3 Ways to Increase Your Holiday Event Revenue

Megan Hawkins
Oct 8, 2019 8:08 AM

When I think of the holidays, I think of family and friends getting together and making memories.

Though that's really the goal of your FEC every day, and not just during the holidays, party bookings and family gatherings are at an all-time high during the winter months.

Families who are already seasonally shopping will be more inclined to buy from you during these months in the hopes of sharing in a special experience with their friends and family at your event.

Below are 3 ways to increase revenue at your events during the season of giving and togetherness.

3 Ways to Boost Your Holiday Event Revenue

1. Effectively Promote Your Events

"Going fast! Almost sold out! Limited time!"

After you've planned your detailed events, market them on your website and consistently promote them by sharing on social media.

Implement a plan for how far in advance you'll start advertising your event, on what platforms, and how often up until the time of the party.

Use your online storefront to build anticipation by selling pre-sale tickets!

2. Cater to Your Target Demographics

Who is your target audience? What ages/types of parties bring in the most (and consistent) revenue for you throughout the year?

By creating themed events geared toward the types of groups that bring in the most revenue for your facility, you'll ensure a positive customer experience and increase your chance for referrals for additional parties in the future.

For example, children are the focal guests of many family entertainment centers and event facilities. Parents and guardians want the best for their children and will go to great lengths to give them experiences that will create lasting memories for them.

For more events throughout the year you can capitalize on at your FEC, download our new Monthly Events Calendar.

3. Make the Most Out of Each Month During
    the Season


To bring in extra crowds during the beginning months of fall, think big! Have a Halloween costume contest!

You can give participants a discount if they come in costume.

You can share pictures on Facebook and create a poll to have people vote for their favorites.

Friends will tell their friends to follow and promote their child's costumed smile! Your prizes can be awarded immediately for the child—candy, healthy treats, a craft bag. To the winner of the online contest, you could offer free admission for the month.

Maximize your party booking software and create a private party offering these awesome "custom" games using your online party booking module.

A cause that hits close to home for many in the month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness. Any type of facility can host an event with proceeds going to a great cause such as this. Cause marketing is not only good for your heart and a huge help to the cause, but good for the facility brand!

Use existing themes/ideas to your advantage. You can pink theme anything! For example, if your guests wear pink, allow them chances to earn free game-play or discounts on food and drinks. If you're an adult-centric facility that sells alcohol, offer a specialty cocktail list, with drinks such as a pink martini or pink champagne! Utilize your online store to sell pink bracelets, ribbons, or pins with your logo on them.


It's all about fall y'all! The season for eating and shopping is well underway by this time of the year, so there are numerous ways to monetize this for your business.

Run a Black Friday deal that lasts all month. Use your online storefront to pre-sell the valued item for an even more discounted cost! Offer unique options in the food and drink department such as pumpkin spice flavoring, a Build-A-Bowl Chili Bar, or even a Black Friday Bloody Mary Bar.

These are great DIY ways to allow your guests to build an Instagram-able moment. This shows they’re having fun, and increases your social exposure at the same time. Imagine the shares and tags your facility will get for each personalized concoction! Getting the guest in the door for the initial savings will always ensure added revenue.


December. The time of the year when the hustle and bustle of the holidays is front and center, around every corner.

The holidays are especially a magical time for children. For those who celebrate Christmas, imagine their delight being able to meet Santa himself!

Consider hosting a "Christmas Cookies with Santa" event. You can sell pre-admission tickets to have a meet and greet with the "big man." Have one of your staff members dress like an elf who's in charge of snapping the photos, just like at the mall, without the craziness. Such a wonderful idea for little ones.

Another great option for increased revenue is to sell gift baskets with admission passes and logoed items. These make fantastic gifts!


If you're a facility that caters to adults, or you offer alcohol, there are many options to create different types of holiday events.

In an FEC environment, where the food and drinks are just as much the focal points as your attractions, consider hosting an awesome mixology class! Have your guests learn to create delicious beverages that have fun themed names and ingredients, and then watch how much fun they'll have consuming the drink they just made!

Another way to add fun and increase revenue during this season is to facilitate a paint-and-sip party! Offer a party package in your online store where your guests can paint a holiday scene, as well as partake in one of the mixology experiments as well. (Try this in October (or anytime) for spooky cocktails too!)

Have you ever heard of "Noon Years Eve"? Instead of the traditional midnight countdown, cater to the younger crowd. Host a party where adults can bring children that can't stay up until midnight. Give them the ability to experience the same type of traditions by having a balloon drop in the facility! Add a dance party, activities, and favors, and your kids will have had an experience they'll remember for the rest of the year—and you'll still have the rest of the night to get a babysitter and partake in the adult New Year's traditions yourself!

Increase Your Holiday Event Revenue

The possibilities for increased revenue during the holiday season are limitless. By effectively promoting your events, making sure you're catering your events to your most profitable demographics, as well as constantly thinking outside the box to capitalize on themed events throughout the season, your family entertainment center or events facility is sure to see increased profits during these months for years to come.

Complimentary Guide: Monthly Events Calendar - A Year-Round, Fun-At-A-Glance Resource for Event Opportunities at Your Facility

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