Serving Customers Better: 5 Tips to Boost Your Online Presence

When it comes to serving customers better, it’s all about meeting them where they are! In today’s world, this happens to be online.

When it comes to serving customers better, it’s all about meeting them where they are! In today’s world, that means having a strong online presence. 

Billions of people are online every single day with 1.92 billion expected to purchase something online, at some point.

This is why it’s so important to focus energy on growing your digital footprint!

Serving Customers Better: 5 Tips to Boost Your Online Presence

Your customers are looking for you. They’re googling. They’re searching Yelp. They’re all over Facebook. 

Here are 5 tips on how you can boost your online presence. 

1. Optimize Your Website

Serving customers better is all about making it easy for them to make a purchase. In the family entertainment center industry, this means making it easy to book a party online, purchase add-ons, or make other online purchases before they head to your facility.

The calls to action on your website must be clear and easy to access. Do you have a “Book a Party” tab that allows customers to book a party on the spot? If you don’t, it’s time to add it! You wouldn’t want that potential customer to jump off your site and look for another facility that would make it easier for them.

It’s important to have your contact info, birthday party packages, and offerings available front and center. Make it easy for your potential and returning customers to find what they’re looking for!

Need help optimizing your website? Here are some more tips.

2. Review Your Presence

Serving customers better means putting yourself in their shoes. When was the last time you took a step out of your view to see how things might look for your potential customers?

Well, now is a great time to do that! Talk to your guests and ask them how they found you. Were they googling? Were they using Yelp? Did they click on a Facebook Ad?

It’s important to learn where your guests are coming from. Over time, you can build on those analytics to ensure that you’re focusing your attention on the right areas.

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3. Start Your Facebook Account Before You Open Your Doors

Not opening your facility for a few months? That’s okay! You can get started today. Start building your audience now.

We recently worked with a new play center that started posting pictures months before they opened. They began by advertising the local businesses and vendors they would be working with. They shared pictures of their children eating huge cupcakes from the bakery they were outsourcing their delicacies from - treats that would be available in both their café and for birthday parties! Their responses from folks online were overwhelmingly positive!

They also offered contests to honor free admission and discounts on parties just to drive interaction. “Like and Share” was the name of the game. Before they opened, they had over 3,000 followers on Facebook! This was a genius approach for them. The anticipation before the opening created hype that drove customers through their doors once it was time to open their play center. 

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4. Drive Interaction

Do you have a facility now? Great! Driving interaction on your social media accounts is easier than you might think. Remember: it’s all about creating hype. Talk to your customers about what they love about your facility, then use that information to drive interaction.

Here’s an example: say you offer mini-golf. Let your customers know when they walk through the door that if they capture a hole-in-one on video and post it to social media, they’ll receive a prize, perk, coupon, or discount. Trust us, it’ll get lots of folks recording videos trying to capture that moment!

Adding a blog to your website and highlighting moments like the “hole-in-one” is another great way to create hype and draw attention to your website. If a customer knows they’ll be highlighted, they’ll certainly visit to see them! And will likely share it with their friends, too.

To learn more about blogging, check out this article.

Speaking of driving interaction, don’t forget to be proactive in your social media efforts! Tag people, share, and engage. “Like” other local businesses in your area and follow them.

It’ll take you a few minutes every day, but it’s worth it. Having your brand in front of people will remind them to first check you out! And once they do, seeing your name will remind them how much they love your space and the experiences they have when they go there.

5. Create Instagrammable & Facebook Worthy Moments

Have customers add to your social media efforts for you!

It’s all about creating shareable moments like the example above about the “hole-in-one.”

Make it easy for customers to share by having fun backdrops for guests to take pictures in front of. Take it a step further and provide a #hashtag they can use when posting to social media. For the hashtag, consider using your business name, the name of a key attraction at your facility, or perhaps a funny or punny slogan. Check out what’s trending, and go from there! 

For more on hashtags, check out our article, How to Use Hashtags to Attract Local Guests.

Remember: guests love to share photos! And their followers will see the memories being made at your facility. Your food, drinks, atmosphere, and attractions are all Instagrammable moments. All fun, all delicious, all good!

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