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Optimizing Your Website & Improving Conversions: Business Tips by PCS

In the following Business Tips series video, we share some of our tips on how optimizing your website can improve conversion rates for your FEC!

Want to know why optimizing your website to improve conversions is so important?

In the following "Business Tips by PCS" series video, we share some tips on how optimizing your website can improve conversion rates and can help you grow your business!

Optimizing Your Website & Improving Conversions: Business Tips by PCS

Check out our video below!

Our Business Tips series is all about sharing practical ideas and actions you can take to grow your business.


Here are a couple of steps on how to optimize your website we share in this video:

1. Perform an Audit of Your Current Website

View what your current website looks like on desktop, tablet, and smartphone. This allows you to put yourself in your guest's shoes. How would you feel about your facility's website if you were a guest?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is it easy to navigate?
  • Are the colors aesthetically pleasing?
  • Do the pictures tell a story about your business?
  • Are there clear calls to action?
  • Is the information you have up to date?

The ultimate goal is to create incredible guest experiences. If a guest has a negative encounter with your facility's website, they will consider it a negative experience. This is why branding is pivotal to a company's success.

2. Implement Changes

It's easy to become overwhelmed when implementing change. Hire a web designer or use a website builder like Wix or Weebly. Button, form, and waiver calls-to-action will help you streamline your business. Optimizing your website will facilitate the process of booking more parties and events, selling more products, and improving your customers' online experience.

Whether you already have an incredible website or are just getting started, we can all benefit from some inspiration. Check out these great FEC websites!

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